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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Xbox 360 Preview Release Date Specifiactions

Xbox 360 Preview

For a complete detailed spec sheet on the xbox 360 head over to the MS website. Xbox 360 should be ready in your house for the holiday 2005.

The Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system places you at the center of the experience. Available this holiday season in Europe, Japan, and North America, Xbox 360 ignites a new era of digital entertainment that is always connected, always personalized, and always in high definition. Xbox 360 gives you access to the games you want to play, the people you want to play with, and the experiences you crave—when and where you want them.

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World's Oldest Person Celebrates 115th Birthday

A Dutch woman who swears by a daily helping of herring for a healthy life celebrated her 115th birthday Wednesday as the oldest living person on record. Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper, a former needlework teacher, was born in 1890, the year Sioux Indians were massacred by the U.S. military at the Battle of Wounded Knee.

The passionate soccer fan celebrated her birthday in a nursing home in the northern Dutch town of Hoogeveen. "She eats a piece of herring every day because it's good for the health," said Johan Beijering, director of the Westerkim nursing home. "She is still mentally full of vitality."

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Tornado - Interesting Weather System - POD

Interesting Weather - POD

The classic answer -- "warm moist Gulf air meets cold Canadian air and dry air from the Rockies" -- is a gross oversimplification. Many thunderstorms form under those conditions (near warm fronts, cold fronts and drylines respectively), which never even come close to producing tornadoes. Even when the large-scale environment is extremely favorable for tornadic thunderstorms, as in an SPC "High Risk" outlook, not every thunderstorm spawns a tornado.

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Darth Vader - Looking For Work ?

Darth Vader - Picture of the Day

Looking for part time work
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 2.02 meters (in armor)
Weapon: Lightsaber
Vehicle: TIE Advanced x1, Executor
Affiliation: Empire, Sith

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A Nice Pair Of Olsen Twins - POD

I rather suspect that the image is a fake but it's certainly a good one!

A Pair Of Olsen Twins - Mary Kate & Ashley

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For $10,000, Woman Tattoos Ad on Forehead

What people will do for money, at least it's for a good cause. I only live once, and I'm doing it for my son. It's a small sacrifice to build a better future for my son," she said in a statement issued by the casino company GoldenPalace.com.

A US mother had the name of a casino permanently tattooed on her forehead after auctioning off advertising space on her head to pay for her son's school fees, she said. Karolyne Smith, 30, turned her head into a permanent billboard after a large online casino offered her 10,000 dollars to indelibly emblazon its name on her face. Tattoo artist Don Brouse said he and his staff spent nearly seven hours Wednesday trying to talk Smith out of putting "GoldenPalace.com" above her face. When he did go through with it, he kept the inch-tall letters close to her hairline, where bangs or a hat could provide some cover.

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Internet Crashes in Pakistan

An undersea cable carrying data between Pakistan and the outside world has developed a serious fault, virtually crippling data feeds, including the Internet, telecommunications officials said.

The system crashed late on Monday and was still down on Tuesday evening. Many offices across the country ground to a halt as people realized it was not one of Pakistan's regular, but usually brief, technical hitches.

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Kraft Dinner Is Looking Really Good - POD

Kraft Dinner is Looking Really Good

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MS Vows World Domination - Install Now

MS Vow World Domination - Install Now

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PS3 Cell Animation - Demo

PS3 Cell Animation

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Microsoft To License XBox Software

Bill Gates is saying that he “might” license the Xbox software to other companies. What this means isn’t clear but imagine the possibilities.

Forget the video game console -- your TV could already have the brains to play those games. A coy Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates hinted Thursday that his company might license the software underlying its Xbox gaming machine to a variety of outside companies in a bid to expand the market share for the Xbox machine -- a platform that trails the sector's No. 1 Sony PlayStation. The U.S. software company is considering offering "the basic software" for Xbox, although no decision has been made, Microsoft Japan spokesman Kazushi Okabe said Thursday, confirming the Gates' comments reported in Thursday's editions of Japan's top business daily Nihon Keizai Shimbun.

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PS3 to Sell for $399, Cost $494 to Make

According to the latest issue of Japanese magazine Toyo Keizai, Merrill Lynch Japan Securities has recently calculated an analysis that the production of a single PlayStation 3 console will cost Sony approximately 54,000 yen to make ($494), as of its initial release in 2006. Merrill Lynch Japan estimates that the machine's main components--namely its Cell chip, RSX, and BD-ROM drive--will cost about 11,000 yen ($101) each. After adding the other electronics that will be used in the PS3, the machine's production cost goes up to 54,000 yen.

Given that Sony's PS3 will face stiff competition from Microsoft's Xbox 360, the chances that Sony will release its console at its production cost is slim. Under the assumption that the Xbox 360 is expected to sell at around $299, Merrill Lynch Japan predicts that Sony will sell each PS3 at the price of 44,800 yen ($410) in Japan and $399 in America. That would mean Sony would suffer a loss of more than 130 billion yen ($1.18 billion) during the first year of the PS3's release.

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Sony Jumps on Legal File-Sharing - Mashboxx

Sony starts up " itunes " called Mashboxx - users will be able to preview the entire song before buying, look for Mashboxx in early July.

The service will charge 99 cents per song and be populated by Sony BMG artists. The application allows individuals to search for songs, but, working with Snocap, Mashboxx will be able to check a song's digital "fingerprint" to see whether it is copyrighted. If a song is on the network, but is unauthorized, Snocap will offer the searcher a legal version of the song for sale.

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11 Nation Raid On Pirates

Operation Site Down has just raided pirates all over the world including Chicago, Charlotte, N.C., San Francisco, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

The government announced an 11-nation crackdown Thursday on Internet piracy organizations responsible for stealing copies of the latest Star Wars film and other movies, games and software programs worth at least $50 million.

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LeetSpeak - The Picture Says It All

Leet (most commonly 1337 but often also leetspeak, leetspeek, or l33t) from the phonetic form of the word "elite", is a cipher, or novel form of English spelling. It is characterized by the use of non-alphabetic characters to stand for letters bearing a superficial resemblance, and by a number of spelling changes such as the substitution of "z" for final "s" and "x" for "(c)ks".

The Picture Says it All

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Forum Happenings

PS3 Game Trailer - Video
Tom Cruise Kills Oprah - Video
Live Webcam Monitor - Video

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New Version of Microsoft Word - Download

Microsoft Word is a word processor program from Microsoft. It was originally written by Richard Brodie for IBM PC computers running DOS in 1983. Later versions were created for the Apple Macintosh (1984), SCO UNIX, and Microsoft Windows (1989). It became part of the Microsoft Office. MS Word for Gansta's was wriiten by Snoop Dog.

New Version Of MS Word Released

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RIAA Files More Suits - P2P

Industry targets 784 users of Grokster, LimeWire, Kazaa.

The Recording Industry Assn. of America announced 784 lawsuits filed in federal district courts across the country, including California, Colorado, Georgia, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

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Cell Phones Will Soon Have Unrestricted Net Access

Mobiles phones and the internet are coming closer together, with T-Mobile turning to Google and Vodafone doing an instant messaging deal with Microsoft.

These mobile internet offerings have had limited success. A T-Mobile spokesman described its service as too expensive, too complicated and of too little use. Now subscribers in Europe will be directed to the Google homepage, from where they will be able to go anywhere on the net.

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Intel CEO Fires Back at AMD Suit

After a raid on its offices in Japan, Intel agreed to work with Japan's Fair Trade Commission (JFTC), which accused Intel of offering rebates to five Japanese PC makers--Fujitsu, Hitachi, NEC, Sony and Toshiba--in exchange for refusing to buy or to limit their purchases of chips made by AMD and Transmeta. Intel CEO Otellini says we have not done any of those things.....

AMD filed a lawsuit against Intel Monday in U.S. District Court in Delaware. The rival chipmaker claims that Intel is using monopolistic business practices, such as threatening retaliation against customers who do business with AMD. AMD is asking the court to impose punitive damages.

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Google Sued Over Click Fraud

It seems that some people are upset enough with Google to file a lawsuit over “click fraud” saying the company could have done more to prevent it.

A seller of online marketing tools said on Wednesday it sued Google Inc., charging that the Web search giant has failed to protect users of its advertising program from "click fraud," costing them at least $5 million.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

New Car Security System

New Security System

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Oil Breaks $60 Barrel Setting New Record

Oil prices jumped over 1 percent Monday, setting a new record, as robust U.S. demand, apparently unimpeded by high fuel costs, strained global production and refining capacity. Light sweet crude for August delivery rose 70 cents to settle at $60.54 a barrel on the New York Mercantile exchange, a new record closing high. Crude also set a new close month trading high of $60.95 earlier in the day. Monday's new record extends a rally that has increased prices 12 percent in two weeks and 39 percent since January.

Look what $60 Barrel Oil Buys You

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DVD Jon Breaks Google Video Lock

The first thing that crossed my mind when I read this story about DVD Jon cracking Google’s video lock is “Damn, this guy has a lot of free time on his hands”. There is a patch / fix available on his website as well.

Johansen, also known as 'DVD Jon' for his work on decrypting DVD security codes, has created a patch for the Google Video Viewer—less than 24 hours after the search giant shipped the video playback plug-in, a tool based on the open-source VideoLAN media player.

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Microsoft Unveils Windows XP Starter Edition Download

Beset by rampant counterfeiting across Latin America, Microsoft on Tuesday introduced a cut-rate, reduced version of Windows XP that is aimed at first-time, low-income computer users who might otherwise run pirated software. XP Starter Edition helps users learn to use a mouse and other computer devices, but strips out networking, limits the number of programs that can open and won't work on top-level processors. The program "is for people who want access to legal software," said Microsoft Mexico General Director Felipe Sanchez Romero. The company sees a large potential market, given that 83 percent of Mexicans don't have personal computers.

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Nudists Protest Spanish Bull-Fight

A Spanish court in the northern region of Navarra authorised a nude demonstration next month by animal rights campaigners determined to use bare-faced cheek to protest at the traditional San Fermin or "running of the bulls" festival in Pamplona. The court said the protesters could go ahead as long as they did so in a way which "does not affect good civic customs." The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) group, which has protested against the event in the past, says it wants to highlight its opposition by organising a rival run by naked humans protesting cruelty to the bulls.

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Vibrators Spark Bomb Scare

When you encounter a vibrating box, your best bet is to call in the bomb squad.. Wow that would have been freakin priceless to see the face of the person who found out they were vibrators.

US postal workers called in the bomb squad when they noticed a parcel vibrating - only to find it contained sex toys. The police bomb squad flew in by helicopter after the alarm was raised at Bluffton post office in South Carolina. Post office workers were worried after noticing a suspicious looking white package laying by itself in a loading area.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Nerds Make Better Lovers

Ready for a real relationship? Ditch the pretty boys and grab yourself a geek.

When it comes to the between-the-sheets aspect of the relationship, Carroll agreed that a girl couldn't do much better than a less-than-perfect male specimen. "We've all been to bed with the guy who is worried about what he looks like, checking the mirror before he gets in bed," she said. "The nerd, gloriously, stunningly, perfectly, is into the woman. That right there is very stirring, sexually."

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Grokster Reigns Supreme in P2P Case

How ironic that because of Sony piracy will continue. Just days after Sony MGM shutdown DVD decrypter, a piracy lawsuit was won based on case precedent that Sony Betamax set in 1984.

Ultimately, he says, the decision will not have any immediate effect on Canada because the U.S. and Canadian laws are different, and that we also have placed a levy on sales of blank compact discs, with the proceeds "supposedly" going to compensate the music industry. "The entertainment industry did not get what it wanted, which was to undo the 1984 Sony Betamax decision," says Mr. Knopf, who submitted a brief on behalf of Sharman Networks Ltd., owners of the Kazaa file-sharing software and who supported Grokster in the Supreme Court.

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Bad Parking Job

Bad Parking Job

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Ballmer: 'We'll catch Google' - Microsoft

Google will own the market for Search, Video, Photo Organization, Blogging, GPS Mapping and whole lot more in the next 6 months. If MS still wants to play the game, they must " think different " about the industry in general.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has confessed the software giant's .Net strategy has come to a standstill, says he's accepted SQL Server's shortcomings and vowed to keep fighting search giant Google.

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$300 Share, Google Looks Pricey - Still Irresistible

As Google's stock continues to climb above $300, many analysts are continuing to recommend it. Others wonder if the gains could amount to a one-stock Internet bubble. I ran the IPO in my portfolio tracker, and the results were fantastic. Now only if I could go back in time and purchase some shares.

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Apple Ipod Color - 20 GB 60GB - Preview

Now that iPod and iPod photo are one and the same, every white iPod boasts a full-colour display — ideal for viewing album artwork and playing slideshows — starting at only $379. Choose from 20GB or 60GB models and carry up to 15,000 songs or as many as 25,000 photos in your pocket. For Mac or PC.

Everything Sounds Better in Colour ::

The original iPod changed the way you listen to music by putting thousands of songs in your pocket. Now it changes the way you see your music, with a crisp colour screen. Browse playlists via vivid menus, thumb through album cover art, even play games and view calendars in colour. Or sync photos and view them in colour, anywhere. Your personal, portable entertainment library, iPod looks as good as it sounds.

Take It for a Spin ::

iPod incorporates the same touch-sensitive Apple Click Wheel that debuted on iPod mini. Use it to navigate your music on the iPod’s 65,536-colour, 220x176-pixel display. Spin the wheel to scroll effortlessly through dozens of playlists, hundreds of albums or thousands of songs.

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Google Earth GPS - Free Download

Google is launching a free version of Google Earth today . Google Earth allows you to search for schools, parks hotels, restaurants all in 3D with the ability to tilt and rotate to see 3D buildings and landscape. The free download is 10MB. There is alos a $20 version available called Google Earth Plus that adds GPS support, drawing tools and the ability to import spreadsheets.

Want to know more about a specific location? Dive right in -- Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world’s geographic information at your fingertips.

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New Apple itunes 4.9 Download

All you iPod users should head on over and download the new iTunes 4.9. There are a handful of new features in this latest version as well as podcasting support.

Welcome to the easiest way to organize, share and listen to audio on your computer. Manage your music. Discover podcasting. Enjoy the best friend an iPod ever had. Get the free iTunes jukebox for Windows or Mac and build up your library of songs and albums using the #1 online music store.

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Monday, June 27, 2005

Star Wars Death Star - Brain Storm

Death Star - Brainstorm

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Google Video Search Ready for Upload

Google Video Search was officially launched, offering free infrastructure for video producers who aren't able to host and stream their own content.

Now the video index includes the new content, which is marked by a triangle icon. Users need to download Google Video Viewer from the site. Once they have, they can watch an entire video piece or start viewing at the section that includes their search keywords. The content ranges from lighthearted video of break dancing or monkeys doing karate to such historical video as the Saddam Hussein statue being yanked down by American soldiers in Iraq. Google representatives declined to provide a more complete list of content providers.

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AMD's New 5 Ghz FX Chip for Gamers

How fast is fast? At a recent gathering of PC game enthusiasts, many liquid-cooled systems were able to push a standard Athlon FX-55 2.6GHz processor to speeds close to 5GHz.....all this for around $1000 CDN.

Advanced Micro Devices' latest 3D chip is designed for PC game enthusiasts who need speed and have bank accounts large enough to pay for it. The chipmaker's new Athlon 64 FX-57, released Monday, is priced at $1,031. The chip runs at a clock speed of 2.8GHz and includes 1MB of level-two computer memory cache, which helps with rendering graphic-intensive video games like "Half-Life 2" and running labor-intensive applications such as computer-aided design.

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Forum Happenings

The Web's Largest Countdown - Game
Down Hill Skate Bording - Game
The End Of The World - Video
Chasing Tornados - Video

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Great Art of Monitor Stacking

What Geeks Do When They are Bored

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Search Engines Are Lousy Trivial Pursuit Players

Looks like Ask.com and Answers.com take Google down for a good game of trivial pursuit.

Invited to play were Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask Jeeves and Answers.com. Ask and Answers were a "small step" ahead of the others, but even they rarely met the goal of providing a single clear answer, he writes. The scorecard, with points awarded for getting him to the right answer via the first link on the page, with twenty queries in all: Ask & Answers.com: Tied with 10 out of 20 times, 50 percent success rate Google: 8 out of 20, 40 percent success rate Yahoo: 5 out of 20, 25 percent success rate MSN: 2 out of 20, 10 percent success rate.

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Nvidia GeForce 7800 GTX Hits Shelves

Nvidia plans on releasing more 7800 GTX cards available at launch than there were 6800 ultras. What this means to you is that you may actually be able to pick one of these up at your local retailer.

Nvidia today launched its next-generation graphics chip for gamers: The GeForce 7800 GTX, formerly code-named G70, offers more horsepower, more speed and at least temporarily takes the lead in the benchmark race. The best news probably is that 7800 cards in fact are available, according to Nvidia. Specs of the new graphics card were widely speculated for speculated for several weeks, but can now be confirmed. The graphics processor has 302 million transistors, runs at a frequency of 430 MHz, and integrates a 256 Mbit memory interface for up to 256 MByte of memory. GTX cards offer dual DVI and HD output and carry a suggested list price of $600. New features include tweaked Shader Model 3.0 support and a shading performance of more than 200 GFlops as well as an improved implementation of Pure Video.

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Worlds Largest Countdown - Six Billion Visits

Sixbillionvisits.com is sort of a meeting place where people from all over the world visit the same site for one simple reason: to make the counter reach ZERO. Eventually, the entire world's population will have crossed each others paths. This will be the biggest countdown in the history of mankind, and a world record!

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Cool Weather System

Cool Weather System

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Microsoft to Pay Legal Costs for Dell HP & OEM's

Microsoft to pay legal tab for Dell, HP and even the little guys who build only a few hundred PC's a year. MS says "Our financial position as a company enables us to take this stand."

Microsoft announced Thursday that it would pay the legal costs of any personal computer maker or software company that may be sued over patents, trademarks or trade secrets, based on claims against it. "We want to send a signal to potential plaintiffs that you're not going to get an easy ride by suing our partners," David Kaefer, director of business development for intellectual property and licensing at Microsoft, said before the formal announcement Thursday.

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Squeegee Girl on 17th Ave

Intersection on 17th and 5th. You can squegee my windows with dirty water anytime.

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Bluetooth Wireless Cell Phone Headset Cheap

Cell Phone Headsets with No Strings Attached -- Bring New Level of Freedom to Cell Phones. Headset solutions for cell phones literally cut the cords that bind headsets to cell phones. This works with new cell phones and smartphones that support the headset profile.

Cheap Head Set - Freakin Hilarious

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First & Last Letter Mix Up - Spelling

The Human Brain will interpret words just as long as the first and last letter are the same.

See Spelling Doesn't Matter.

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Microsoft Longhorn, IE7 Download RSS Support

Microsoft announced last week that the next version of their operating system, code-named Longhorn , will support RSS, or Really Simple Syndication.By integrating RSS into the operating system, users will have the ability to easily subscribe to news feeds offered by sites that make use of the RSS protocol. IE 7, Microsoft's new browser, will also integrate RSS by including a button on the toolbar which will identify sites offering RSS. Users of the Firefox browser have enjoyed this feature for several months.

Hachamovitch says RSS is key to how people will use the Internet in the future by automatically delivering the information that is important to them. RSS provides short descriptions of web content together with links to the full versions of the content. This information is delivered as an XML file called RSS feed, webfeed, RSS stream, or RSS channel. In addition to facilitating syndication, RSS allows a website's frequent readers to track updates on the site using a news aggregator.

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177 Taxing Days - Today Is Tax Freedom Day

In other words we work 48.4% of the entire year, for the sole purpose of feeding the greedy politicians who have no end of "good" things that they can do with or money.

Pop out the cheap bubbly and pour yourself a glass in celebration - tomorrow is national Tax Freedom Day, according to the Fraser Institute, the symbolic day where, if we had to pay every cent of tax to every level of government in advance, we'd finally have our humongous bill paid off and we could start working for ourselves. We like marking Tax Freedom Day because it's a reminder to Canadians about just how much of their income is confiscated by government. Think about it: it's almost the end of June. That's just a few days short of six whole months.

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Girls = Evil - Mathematics Prove It

Well what can you say, the math says it all. It must be true, plus you saw it on the internet...right.

Mathematics Prove that Girls = Evil

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Hacker Plays With Nicolas Cage's E-mail Addy

Just in case my good buddy Cage sends you e-mail.

Oscar winning actor Nicolas Cage's e-mail address was hijacked and used to send messages to his friends, his spokesman said. "Nicolas Cage would like to make the general public aware that somebody has illegally and fraudulently been using the following e-mail address pretending to be Nicolas Cage: NCSaturn7Aaol.com. Mr. Cage has informed the authorities, and this matter is under investigation," the spokesman said.

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IBM Dominates Supercomputer List

IBM's Blue Gene machines held the No. 1 and No. 2 spots on the illustrious Top 500 list of the world's most powerful supercomputers. No. 1 is BlueGene/L, which doubled in size since it was last crowned king in November. The machine now clocks in at 136.8 teraflops, or trillion calculations per second, according to the Top500 group. Supercomputer rankings are calculated with the Linpack benchmark. When completed this fall, Blue Gene/L should approach top processing speeds of 360 teraflops, courtesy of a 64-rack system with more than 130,000 IBM PowerPC processors.

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Sony is Going After UK Owners of Imported PSPs

No need for UK gamers to worry about buying a PSP from the back of a van. Sony isn't after you specifically.

Reacting to the reports that Sony was going after PSP owners in the UK, an SCEE spokesman said, "We're absolutely not going after consumers - that's not our objective at all. We can assure people who bought consoles on the grey market that we're not going to be going after them." This means that for the time being at least, gamers can relax. But the outcome of the lawsuit would add an interesting twist to the status of the so-called grey imports" in the British market.

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Rethinking the File-Swap Morass

Music industry is looking at ways to license P2P and the 5 billion songs that were downloaded last year. I guess suing customers is not working....whodathunk.

Around 330 million tracks were purchased online last year from online stores such as Apple's iTunes. But around 5 billion were downloaded from free file-sharing networks, Goodman said.
Meanwhile, recording companies have sued 11,700 computer users for file-swapping. Of those, 2,500 cases have been settled, typically for about $3,000 each.

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Robot Guards to Patrol Shops and Offices

Everyone who has seen Robocop, will remember the robot guarding the tower goes all crazy and starts blowing up innocent people, well let's hope that this is not the same here.

In an idea straight out of science fiction, robots could soon begin patrolling Japanese offices, shopping malls and banks to keep them safe from intruders. Equipped with a camera and sensors, the "Guardrobo D1," developed by Japanese security firm Sohgo Security Services Co., is designed to patrol along pre-programed paths and keep an eye out for signs of trouble.
The 109-cm tall robot will alert human guards via radio and by sending camera footage if it detects intruders, fires, or even water leaks.

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Pizza Shop Robber Leaves Job Application

Some guy from Las Vegas, filled out a job application before holding up the joint. What puts the icing on the cake is that he used his real information on the application. Inexperience or plain stupidity, you decide.

A man accused of holding up a pizza parlor left behind a job application with his real name and address, authorities said. "I would chalk it up to either inexperience or plain stupidity," Clark County prosecutor Frank Coumou told the Las Vegas Review-Journal for a Wednesday report.

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Friday, June 24, 2005

Drive-Thru Pharmacy

Taken way to literally

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Redmond RSS: Death Knell To Atom?

RSS News feed on your screensaver - now that's cool. Well we will see what happens to ATOM when longhorn is released. Now all we have to do now is wait until 2007....for the release and RSS will be obsolete.

At the platform level, Microsoft is going to turn on an RSS application programming interface for developers so that their software can natively publish RSS feeds without having to know anything about how to do that. The example given by Kidd of how this might manifest itself in the user experience is that a developer of some sort of photo editing and archival application can easily attach RSS feeds to photo albums in such a way that those feeds can drive the Windows' RSS-enabled screen saver.

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Forum Happenings

Skater Dog - Video
Watch It Shred - Video
Passport Info Online - Must Read
Pizza Palace - Video

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Uma Thurman - Looking Hot

Uma Thurman - Looking Hot

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Cool Concept Car Antarctic

Take a peek at this cool concept car made for the harsh Antarctic weather and other extreme environmental conditions. This may be my new winter car.

Designed to fit into a small Twin Otter aircraft that BAS use for working in remote deep field locations, Moon’s two-person vehicle has a combination of tracks and wheels allow it to operate anywhere on the continent over hard ground, snow or ice surfaces.

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MS Word Office Assistant Suicide

Microsoft Word - Office Assistant Suicide - Always helpful even in the final moments.

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Alabama Man Cashes In $13,000 Worth Of Pennies

Coinstar Inc., a company that maintains coin-counting machines, said Knowles broke a record set in 2004 by an Ohio man who collected slightly more than 1 million pennies.
gas station operator began collecting pennies in 1966 from his customers. He used to toss them in a five-gallon can. Thirty-eight years later, he was storing them in four 55-gallon drums and three 20-gallon drums. Knowles plans put the money into a retirement fund.

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Identity Thieves Target Unemployment

What's next Scammers, Spammers and Identity thieves filing for welfare? This article removes all doubt about scammers and reminds us to take steps to protect ourselves from ID theft.

It can be a fairly lucrative scheme, too. File a false unemployment claim and you can receive $400 per week for 26 weeks. Do it for 100 Social Security numbers and you've made a quick $1.04 million. It's tough to make crime pay much better than that.

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Dual-Core Technology Changes Everything

Amd is leading the way in processor technology, but still #2. HP Compaq and IBM are taking on
AMD's new Dual Core CPU, but Dell Says No ?

Nevertheless, dual-core processor technologies have generated much buzz in the industry recently, with AMD leading the pack and releasing its first dual-core Opteron processor earlier this year. Intel isn't far behind, with plans to release dual-core products later this year or by early 2006.

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Home Made Spoiler - Canada

Home Made Spoiler

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Do Games Prime Brain for Violence?

Here is a video games = violence article that says the results of a study of 13 young men, who were all brain scanned while they played games, proves video games = violence.

More than 90 per cent of American children play video games every day, and half of the top sellers contain extreme violence. There is now strong evidence that people who play violent games tend to be more aggressive.

There is now strong evidence that people " When Playing " violent video games are more aggressive when playing these games. This definitely proves that violent video games = violence ..... argghhh...cough..cough...Now where is my money?

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Beer Server Apple G3

Finally A Good Use For A Mac

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Shark Bus - Nice Paint Job

Nice Paint Job

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Giant Popsicle Melts, Floods NYC Park

The 25-foot-tall, 17 1/2-ton treat of frozen Snapple juice melted faster than expected Tuesday, flooding Union Square in downtown Manhattan with kiwi-strawberry-flavored fluid that sent pedestrians scurrying for higher ground.

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Microsoft Pushes Spam-Filtering Technology

According to ZDNet, Microsoft will start flagging mail as spam that doesn’t have Sender ID.

Sender ID is a specification for verifying the authenticity of e-mail by ensuring the validity of the server from which the e-mail came. While the purpose of curbing junk mail may be laudable, the debate on how to stop the tide of junk mail is still ongoing. According to Microsoft, up to 90 percent of e-mail is spam.

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Windows Minus Media Player Not Big Seller

Windows XP - N, The " N " stands for No Thanks. According to customers in the EU, they would rather have Windows Media Player.

In Microsoft's new operating system — Windows XP N — the "N" stands for "Not with Media Player." But it might as well stand for "No Thanks." PC makers and distributors are holding back from buying the new alternative version of Windows XP that Europe's competition commissioner ordered Microsoft Corp. to offer as part of the punishment in the software maker's long antitrust battle with the European Union.

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Microsoft's Anti-Piracy Cracked

Some guy has cracked Windows anti-piracy protection using a fairly easy exploit. Microsoft didn’t seemed too concerned and stated that "It represents very little threat".

An Indian researcher has breached the much-touted "impenetrable" Windows Genuine Advantage of Microsoft. Bangalore-based Debasis Mohanty has cracked WGA through an "easy-to-exploit" weakness in the software for generating illegal copies of the Windows XP program.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Nice Underwear - Door Mat

But I'm not wearing any ?

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25 To Life - Cop Killer Video Game

25 to life makes GTA look like Romper Room. Microsoft supports the Violent Game....anything for a quick M$ Dollar. I agree the games are violent but they are in cartoon style and have 18 Mature labels .... Should we be really talking about illiteracy?

A new video game which lets players join crime gangs and kill police officers has become the target of a proposed boycott by a U.S. Senator. Sen. Charles Schumer, a Democrat from New York, said the "cop killer" video game, called "25 to Life," had hit an "all-time low" and discouraged the sale and distribution of the title, due out this summer.

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Parents 'Ignore Game Age Ratings' GTA

Parents are too divorced from their teenagers. When all you here is little Johnny whining for the new release of GTA: Grand Theft Auto....what are you going to do ?

Games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, last year's best-selling title, tend to receive most of the media attention. But 18-rated games only make up a small number of software released each year.

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Calgary Rain Close to Breaking Record 2005

Environment Canada said Calgary is only 6.4 millimetres away from breaking the record for rain in June, which stands at 224 mm in June of 1902. Rainfall in the past two days is more than double the average monthly June precipitation of 78.9 mm.

The Calm Before the Storm June 22nd Calgary AB.

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Forum Happenings

Paris Hilton Carls Junior Spoof - Video
Pulp Fiction 30Sec - Video
$30M Boeing 727 Jet Limo - Ebay
Dirtiest Cities in the US - Statisitcs

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Pop-up Vulnerability Found in Major Browsers

Phishers target pop up windows to gather information from unsuspecting customers. This could trick a AOL user into revealing data such as a password.

According to Secunia, the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer for Mac, Safari, iCab, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox and Camino are all vulnerable. Opera 7 and 8 are affected, but not 8.01, according to Opera.

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Jessica Alba - Sin Nipple

Jessica Alba - Stars in Sin Nipple

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Legal Music Downloads Are Up

A new survey shows that legal music downloads are almost at the same percentage as pirated music downloads. The industry seems to think the fear of prosecution is the motivating factor behind the rise in legal downloading.

Fear of prosecution, Internet viruses, and inferior quality were cited as the main deterrents against illegal downloading, the report said. Nearly two-thirds of music consumers said immediate availability was the key reason for buying tracks online. "The findings indicate that the music industry is approaching a strategic milestone with the population of legal downloaders close to exceeding that of pirates".

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When 'Digital Bullying' Goes too Far

Bullying at school has reached the next level ..... Bullying Gone Digital.

Kids, the 13-year-old said, spent the better part of their evenings insulting one another online. "They'd start getting really mad at you, and sometimes it wouldn't even make sense,"

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Real Rhapsody Real One Super Pass

Real Networks

Get A Free Trial & A Girlfriend

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Microsoft Aims for 10m Xbox 360s

Microsoft planning to ship 10 Million Xbox 360's in the first 12 to 16 Months. They might have a pretty good chance as they will be the only next Gen console on the market for months.

"The target of 10 million units gives tremendous momentum to a platform," said the Xbox executive during his keynote access at the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association games summit in London. "That is a target we are looking at that we think we can reach in quite a quick manner".

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Microsoft Seeks Testers One Care Antivirus Service

Beta Testing for MS Antivirus will start this summer. Get your Download on over at the One Care Website.

Microsoft has begun soliciting testers for OneCare Live, the company's subscription antivirus and anti-spyware service. In an online posting seeking people to try out the service, Microsoft said that it plans to start testing this summer.

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Longest Day Of the Year June 21

Today is the official kickoff of the summer season. June 21 is traditionally the summer solstice, or the longest day of summer.

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Monday, June 20, 2005

Forum Happenings

Pulp Fiction 30 Sec - Video
Seat 29E - Hilarious
Tetris Rotation - Game

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Farmers Want 'Couch Potato' Removed from Dictionary

The Slang Term "Couch Potato" is giving the
vegetable a Bad Name, farmers are outraged..... this is has been in the dictionary for 26years? This is why you should all eat organic.

"The potato has had its knocks in the past. Of course it is not the Oxford English Dictionary's fault but we want to use another term than couch potato because potatoes are inherently healthy."

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Need Staff to Read Workers' Outgoing E-mail

It is pretty sad/ironic when you have to hire more people to read your employees outgoing e-mail. My question is this…who reads the e-mail of the people who read e-mail?

About 55 percent of companies retain and review e-mail, according to a 2005 survey by the American Management Association and Columbus, Ohio-based training and consulting firm The ePolicy Institute, up from 47 percent in 2001.

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Adelphia High-Speed Internet Extreme 16Mbps

Look at all that PrOn....I mean Word Documents that I can download. 16 Mbps is High Speed on Speed.

Extreme is Adelphia's newest level of High-Speed Internet service, with jaw-dropping fast download speeds of up to 16 Mbps, and upload speeds of up to 2 Mbps1. You've never experienced anything this fast. It's now available at a great introductory price, and you can combine it with Adelphia Digital video service for even greater savings.

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MasterCard: 68,000 Customers at High Risk

Not a big deal MasterCard says only 68,000 cards were effected. Take a look at your Bank Statement tonight to make sure you not one of the lucky winners...Brutal.

Credit card users, don't fret. Only a small fraction of the 13.9 million credit cards accounts at MasterCard exposed to possible fraud were considered at high risk, the company said Saturday.

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Body Paint - Tiger Roar

Here Her Roar......

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Intel expands its Wi-Fi chip technology

802.11N at 100 megabits, will be a sure welcome for range and bandwidth requirements for Video lovers.

The chip technology prototype will support Wi-Fi standards ranging from the current 802.11a to standards requirements expected for 802.11n. The all-CMOS direct conversion dual-band radio transceiver moves Intel closer toward its goal of offering one chip that can handle multiple radios in a single device.

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I'm too disabled to work -- but I can wrestle alligators

I can sell pirated DVD's in the market and wrestle alligators but there is no way that I can go back to work.....my back is just way to sore.

The scam was discovered after investigators searching his home discovered holiday photographs of Crowson wrestling an alligator and riding a camel.

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Design Your Own T-Shirt

Spreadshirt Designer
Design Your Own T-Shirt - Click it Try it. Upload your own design in a multitude of graphic formats. Choose a photo, a logo, or add your own graphic. What more could you ask for?

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Google Video Search

Finding those online videos might get easier as well ZDNet UK reports that Google is set to launch a search engine specifically for web only video.

The engine will complement the search giant's existing experimental site that lets people search the closed-caption text of television shows from PBS and CNN, among others, and preview accompanying still images. The new capabilities will let people watch roughly 10 seconds of Web video clips for free before shuttling visitors to the video's host site, sources say.

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Adult Video for your Sony PSP

Porno for your PSP, comming soon to a Wal-Mart near you.

A Tokyo adult video maker has put Sony Computer Entertainment in a difficult position by announcing it plans to produce adult-video discs that can be played on Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP) game console.

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Cyber Squating itunes Domain

Get over it.

'I find that the Complainant [Apple] has Rights in a name or mark which is similar to the Domain Name,' she wrote. 'On the balance of probabilities, I find that the Domain Name, in the hands of the Respondent [CyberBritain Group], is an Abusive Registration on the grounds of its use in a manner taking unfair advantage of, and being unfairly detrimental to, the Rights of the Complainant.'

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Arm - Leg - 1st Born

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Think We Need To Spend Some Time Apart

I never knew breaking up would be so hard to do? This is one of the best posts that I have read in a long time...

No, please don’t get so upset…it’s not you, it’s me. I’ve been thinking about this alot lately and I honestly think it would be the best thing for us if we just didn’t see each other for awhile. I really didn’t want to get into this but if it will make you stop stomping

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Drugs & Alcohol Don't Mix

Drugs & Alcohol Don't Mix

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Google VS Paypal Online Payments

Google is planning on launching a online payment service, as of now they only rely on internet advertising for revenue. Watch out Paypal, Google wants a piece of your revenue pie.

The likelihood of Google rolling out an online payment system to rival eBay's popular PayPal service became a hot topic during an Internet conference hosted Thursday by Piper Jaffray.
"It could be a pretty big negative for eBay if it happens," said Piper Jaffray analyst Safa Rashtchy, who follows Google as well as the Web's leading auction site. PayPal accounted for $233.1 million, or 23 percent, of eBay's revenue during the first quarter.

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Friday, June 17, 2005

Longhorn Beta Download August 2005

Longhorn due for beta testing in August, If you can't wait till 2007 this will be your chance.

A company representative would not give a specific date for the release of the test version, but a moderator on a Microsoft Web chat on Wednesday said the company plans another chat in August to talk about Beta 1. Microsoft is also planning a summer beta of the desktop version of Longhorn, which is scheduled to arrive in final form in the second half of next year.

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Sony BMG New Copy Protected CD

Sony BMG hinders music pirates with protected CD, this new CD will only allow you to make three copies of the disk and you will not be able to load the tunes on your ipod. However if you own a MAC this does not apply to you....hmmmm. What a half baked Scheme Sony has come up with. Copy protection will always be circumvented even if you you close the little guys down IE: DVD decrypter.... What a waste of time.

Sony BMG's new copy-protection effort comes with at least one downside: PC users are unable to transfer the songs to Apple's popular iPod portable music player, because Apple has declined to make its software compatible with Microsoft's Windows Media digital rights management (DRM) system.

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Pirelli Calendar 2005 - Download

Pirelli Calendar Featured on MSN

The Pirelli 2005 Calendar, On November 18th 2004, at the Copacabana Fort in Rio de Janeiro, was revealed the world premiere of the Pirelli 2005 Calendar, the most exclusive world event for beauty lovers, fashion followers and photography connoisseurs.

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Forum Happenings

Mounties Use Force - Video
Paper Rock Scissors - Game
Join The Forum - Post
Nanaca Crash - Game

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Dell Sells OSX - Apple says NO

Dell says that he is ready to sell Apple OS on his machines. Steve Job Says over his dead body.

"If Apple decides to open the Mac OS to others, we would be happy to offer it to our customers," Dell wrote in the e-mail. A Dell spokesperson confirmed Thursday that the e-mail exchange took place.

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Your ISP Watches & Records Everything

This will never happen, the impossibility of recording and maintaining records when the same ISP's can't even control Zombie PC's = Scary.

The U.S. Department of Justice is quietly shopping around the explosive idea of requiring Internet service providers to retain records of their customers' online activities.

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AOL: We're Not Zombie Haven

We are the largest so we must have the most ? AOL's response to the news that they are host to the most Zombie PC's on the planet.

America Online hosts more denial-of-service (DoS) spewing zombie PCs than any other ISP in the world, a report released Tuesday claimed. AOL thinks that's just fine.

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Grass Keyboard - Organic

This is what happens when you don't clean your keyboard.

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PSP cracked (PSP) Hackers Emulator PSP

Emulator for the PSP, Super Mario and eventually PS1 and 2 games. This is what sony is worried about.

Over the last few days it has been revealed that hackers (or just some clever programmers) have figured out how to play software such as emulators on the PSP. While this has been possible on older Japanese PSPs for some time, this new hack supposedly works with version 1.5 PSPs

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Google Ranking Secrets

A recent patent filing by Google has revealed a lot about how Google ranks websites. Essentially do not spam, do not get banned. A rule of thumb - would you have done that on your web site if search engines did not exist?

In which many of the search giants secret ranking criteria is revealed and it makes very interesting reading. You have got to read this if you're serious about ranking well in Google. The days of spamming Google are drawing to a close. With this patent they reveal just how hard they're coming down on Spam sites.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

George Bush - Middle Finger

This was just way to entertaining not to post. Good ol' George Dubya...he does it again. George Bush's Middle Finger Salute.

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DivX 6.0 - Download

All of you DivX users better head on over to the DivX website and download DivX 6.0. There is a bunch of new features in the latest version of DivX, below is just a partial list to give you an idea what you can expect:

Features the latest DivX decoder for enhanced quality and performance.
Integrates support for DivX media file playback.
Incorporates enhanced HD playback capability.
Interactive video menus.
XSUB™ subtitles.
Multiple audio tracks.
Chapter points and more.

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Anger Management

Anger Management - Or just a convenient way to store your keyboard.

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InkCanada - Recycle Your Inkjets

Don't throw your empty inkjets away, they could be worth up to $3 each.

Every year over 200 million inkjet cartridges find there way to land fills.Recycling these cartridges help protect and preserve our fragile environment. Thirty- eight thousand tons of cartridges are to be recycled this year alone.

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They Finally Found Nemo

They Finally Found Nemo

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Steve Jobs Odd Ball Commencement Speech

Steve Jobs stood in front of 5000 Students and told them that dropping out of college was the best decision that he ever made.

Buying that lotto ticket would have been the best thing that I did if all the numbers had been a match. What an oddball thing to say to a bunch of graduates at a university.

Steve Jobs told Stanford University graduates Sunday that dropping out of college was one of the best decisions he ever made because it forced him to be innovative -- even when it came to finding enough money for dinner.

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Monday, June 13, 2005

Adobe flaw puts PCs at risk

Apparently this flaw only effects the current version of Photoshop, Premier Pro and the Creative suite .... So every Adobe product. If your a user, get the patch.

A flaw in several of Adobe Systems' popular graphics design applications could expose users to hacker attacks, the software maker has warned.

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Star Wars - The Last Supper

Star Wars - The Last Supper

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Mexican Comic Book

Filed under Humour.

I am really ticked off about the Mexican Government publishing a comic book to teach their citizenry how to skirt United States laws and immigration procedure. But that doesn't mean that I can't get a laugh out of it.

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Forum Happenings

Do you see the Ghost - Video
BMW Films - Video
Windoze RG - Game
Ipod VS Cassette - Hilarious

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What was the Camera Man thinking ?

What must the camera man been thinking when this happened. Oh sh*t!!

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Windows Update Tuesday

Remember to get your update on this Tuesday, that would be tomorrow for you wonderful folk who are reading this today, and yesterday for......well you get it. Point Internet Exploder over to the Windows Update site and get downloading as one of the updates is critical.

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MSN Helps Chinese Censor Blogs

Do a search for Taiwan independence" or "freedom" among others were greeted with a message stating: "This item should not contain forbidden speech such as profanity. Please enter a different word for this item."

MSN Blocks 'Forbidden Speech' in Blogs, Following the lead of competitors Yahoo and Google, Microsoft has blocked the use of words such as "democracy" and "human rights" in some of its services for Chinese users - including its Spaces blogs. The move is likely to appease the Chinese government, which has strongly urged Web sites to self-censor themselves.

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'Spiderman' Scales Hong Kong Skyscraper

I only slipped once, and now I take prozac twice a day. Is this guy the real spiderman or just a nut.

A Frenchman who calls himself "Spiderman" scaled a 62-story skyscraper in Hong Kong using only his bare hands on Saturday. In December, Robert scaled the world's tallest building, Taiwan's Taipei 101. It took him nearly four hours to reach the top of the 1,679-foot building because it was raining.He has also climbed Malaysia's Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Empire State Building in New York.

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Cats use fax as toilet, spark Japan house fire

Seriously, the bathroom door was locked who's fault is it really.

Two kittens picked the wrong place to relieve themselves when they urinated on a fax machine, sparking a fire that extensively damaged their Japanese owner's house.

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Police can't catch record-breaking speeder

Mortorcyclist speeding faster than photo radar, time to upgrade to a high speed camera.

A motorcyclist captured on film by German police racing at 251 km per hour (155 mph) on a road near Berlin has set a new unofficial national record for speeding, Bild newspaper reported on Monday.

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Cold Outside

A little cold outside this morning. Make sure that you have your Visa card ready, it looks like there will be allot of scraping outside for you today.

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Tyson's Career is Over

If it's scrabble or boxing, if you think your going to lose you most probably will.

Looking more like a pathetic, aging fighter than the man who once terrorized the heavyweight division, Tyson's career more than likely ended Saturday night when he quit after the sixth round after desperately trying to foul his way to a win against Kevin McBride.

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Corporate Cow - Photoshop Contest

Here is a great collection of Ads designed by random people using photoshop. Just watch iRobot and you will get the picture.

Everywhere you turn there is another Starbucks, McDonalds or GAP popping up whether it's the logo, store or actual ad you see. In this contest you're going to take corporate takeovers of society to the extreme. Put ads, logos and/or stores in the most unexpected areas you can think of (i.e. the Sphinx in Egypt wearing RayBan sunglasses, or a Taj Mahal McDonalds).

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Honey, I Shrunk the PC

Printable micro paper that will temporarily act as your cell phone or possibly print a new layer of skin for your scraped up knee ..... whoduthunkit.

The smallest transistors in consumer electronics devices today measure 50 nanometers across -- a million times tinier than their postwar progenitors. (This shrinkage would be equivalent to reducing the continental United States to the size of a hot tub.) Taking transistors down another one or two orders of magnitude, to the realm of individual atoms and molecules, requires a generational leap in technology.

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Forum Happenings

Pizza Palace - Video
Dog Judo - Video
Destroy Your Fav Website - Game
Gansta Google - Game
Mail Order Chickens - Video

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Blue LEDs - Distracting

That new blue LED sure looks cool, but I just can't stop staring at it.

When Australian applications consultant Martin Pot bought an LCD monitor last December, he got an unwanted extra: a dazzlingly bright blue LED, or light-emitting diode, just below the screen. Pot found the LED "distracting" and "annoying," and finally resorted to covering it up just to get some work done.

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Throw Away Digi Cams

You soon will be able to pick up your very own " throw away " Digi Cam at your local drug store. Still in the first stages of development at 2MP, for a cheap safe alternative to bringing your expensive Digi to the beach only to have it waterlogged.

CVS drugstores sell two models in this category, a $10 basic version and one that costs $20 and has a small color display. Both store 25 photos. Ritz Camera has similar products, charging $18.99 for the model with the color display and $10.99 for the one without.

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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Dan The One Man Band

Dan is truly one amazing band. You really have to see this is in person to appreciate it's full goodness.

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Naked cyclists Spanish streets

Naked people against cars and pollution. Still a bit nipply " Pun Intended" to be riding down my block right now.

Naked save for their regulation crash helmets, a group of militant cyclists held anti-car protests in several Spanish cities, calling for "more human and liveable cities," less pollution and more room for pedestrians and bicycles.

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M$ VS Apple itunes

M$ rolls out it's version of itunes. 1$ MS dollar for every song downloaded.

Microsoft, which launched its MSN Music download service last year to rival Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes, said on Friday that "offering a subscription service was an important step in helping people find and discover great music online."

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Calgary Lilac Festival

Some of the Vendor booths available at the Calgary Lilac Festival.... it actually was a funtastic time. I couldn't help but take this shot.

Last year an estimated 100,000 Calgarians participated in this fabulous one-day festival. They enjoyed the wide array of entertainers that were featured on stages and entertainment zones along 4 th Street in the heart of the Mission district.

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Forum Happenings

Leftover Lunch - Pictures
Chasing Tornados - Video
Robo Dump - Sound Pictures

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Carls Junior - Spicy Paris

That is one Big Hamburger, Kate Stelnick probably couldn't even eat that. Carls Junior goes one step further than I'm lovin it with Paris Hilton.

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Hackers create Jackson Virus

Well, I know most of us won't click on a link received via E-mail. Im sure that you know of someone who might. So let them know that Wacko Jacko is still alive and no clicks on those e-mail links.

E-mails claiming pop star Michael Jackson has tried to kill himself are being spread by hackers as a means to break into computers, a British antivirus firm said Friday.
The hackers have sent e-mails with the subject "Re: Suicidal attempt" and the message text: "Last night, while in his Neverland Ranch, Michael Jackson has made a suicidal attempt," according software security company Sophos.

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IBM Unfazed after Apple Dump

After a very public divorce between Apple and IBM, they say that they have plenty of other customers lined up. What else do you expect them to say ?

Fresh after getting publicly dumped by Apple Computer, IBM is taking new measures to spread its Power processors and make them a stronger competitor to Intel chips.
On Wednesday, IBM announced that 11 new members have joined a consortium of Power processor users.

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PVRs selling like hotcakes

Well they are not really selling like hotcakes, they are more selling like PVR's.

The number of households subscribing to personal video recording services has grown to 9.2 million, up about 155 percent from a year ago, according to a new study from In-Stat.

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Apple to offer $50 credit in iPod suit

If you bought your Ipod before May 31,2004, you may be eligible for a 2 year warranty and $50 cold hard Apple cash.

Apple Computer has agreed to settle several class action suits over the battery life of its popular iPod portable music players, offering extended service warranties and $50 store credits to consumers who lodged complaints.

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Micosoft Windows Update

Micorosft has 10 new security fixes scheduled for release on Tuesday, get your update on.

Seven security bulletins and fixes apply to the Windows operating system, and at least one of those is deemed "critical," Microsoft's highest risk rating, the company said in a notice posted to its Web site on Thursday. The Exchange e-mail server will get one bulletin, rated "important," the company said.

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Microsoft values Pirated Software $1

Around 50,000 PC's are effected and the Indian Government is asked to pay $1 for each copy of illegal software.

Microsoft has reached a deal with Indonesia over the tens of thousands of pirated versions of Windows programs used in government departments.
Ministers said Microsoft had agreed an amnesty under which a token sum of one dollar will be paid for every computer found to be using illegal software.

In exchange, the government has promised to buy Microsoft merchandise legally in future.

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Seagate 2.5-inch HD 160GB

160GB Ipods should be released anytime now.
Seagate's drive looks to be the first 2.5-inch drive with this capacity using perpendicular recording technology to hit the market. Perpendicular technology is being introduced by most of the world's major hard drive vendors and promises a series of big capacity boosts in the coming years for drives used in servers, PCs, notebooks, and portable devices, the vendors say.

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Woman, 91, Teaches Purse Snatcher a Lesson

I thought he said he was going to take my pulse.

She's 91 and uses a hearing aid and eyeglasses, but Katherine Woodworth wasn't about to let somebody steal her purse. Woodworth clobbered the would-be thief with her bag until he ran away, police said. "I didn't have my hearing aid in, and I thought he said that he was going to take my pulse," Woodworth said. "Then he said it again, that he was going to take my purse, and I said, 'No, you're not.'"

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Suspected cookie thief goes to extremes

They better be freshly baked, or this would definitely not be worth it.

A Cyprus Airways jet which had just landed had to change course to avoid collision. "The car was heading straight for us," the pilot said.

The man was being questioned by police, who suspect he was fleeing after being caught taking cookies from a nearby bakery.

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Forum Happenings

Police Sketch Artist - Game
Robo Dump - Hilarious
Destroy Your Favorite WebSite - Game
The Chalk Guy - Pictures

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

iTunes better than P2P

People obviously just want a convenient way to download music. Now let's tax and sue all your loyal Customers

We mention this because now NPD is touting iTunes as a “formidable competitor against free peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing services," an assertion which is, of course, complete and utter nonsense.
The corporate online music business exists only in the minds of the media and those trying to promote it and iTunes’ sales of some 300 million since it started in September, 2003, don’t even merit a statistical blip against what's happening in the real world of online music.There, the p2p applications and networks rule and iTunes is a joke.

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File-sharing law - Canada

Well if they start to sue Canadians for music piracy, I hope they get rid of the
copy levy. We will see what happens next week, I would expect that the levy will be here long after 100's of Canadians are sued.

The federal government will introduce new legislation aimed at toughening up copyright laws in the digital world, CTV News has learned. Still, industry stakeholders who say file sharing is stealing say the laws are not stringent enough.

About seven million Canadians download music from the Internet and the Canadian market for music downloads is estimated to be $100 million, according to The Canadian Independent Record Production Association.

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MSN Tool Bar Now has Tabbed Browsing

Firefox had it now Internet Explorer does too. Seems like a decent download from MS to catch up on lack of features compared to FF.

Now with Tabbed Browsing
NEW! Browse smarter with tabs - Switch between Web sites within the same Internet Explorer window

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Symantec Strikes Back at 'Adware' Vendor

Symantec has taken Hotbar to court not seeking money but to settle one and for all that Hotbar is adware.

Symantec's suit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, does not seek monetary damages. Instead, it is asking for a legal judgment supporting Symantec's position that Hotbar program files "are indeed adware and can be treated as computer security risks."

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Google = Most Valuable Media Company

As astounding as it may seem, Google is now worth $80 billion, making it worth more money than any other media company in the world.

With a current stock market capitalization of more than $80 billion, Google is now worth more than any other media company in the world.

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Toshiba Develops Recordable High-Def DVDs

15GB HD DVD's on the move from Toshiba, this should put DL at about $1.00 a disk....yay for new technology.

Toshiba said the new technology, developed jointly with Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co. and Hayashibara Biochemical Laboratories Inc., will enable the manufacture of single-recording HD-DVD disks with 15-gigabyte storage capacity.

Disc manufacturers, currently producing recordable DVD disks, will only have to make minor modifications to be able to produce the new higher-definition kind, Toshiba said.

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Body parts fall from plane

What's that banging noise from under the plane ?

Pieces of a man's body fell from the wheel well of a South African Airways passenger plane bound for John F. Kennedy International Airport Tuesday and landed in the yard of a suburban home, police said.

A U.S. customs inspector discovered the rest of the man's body at 7:30 a.m. (1130 GMT) after Flight 203 landed in New York from Johannesburg, South Africa, said a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which oversees area airports.

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Man With Chain Saw Allowed to Enter U.S.

At a time when the United States is tightening its borders, how could a man toting what appeared to be a bloody chain saw be allowed into the country?

On April 25, Gregory Despres arrived at the U.S.-Canadian border crossing at Calais, Maine, carrying a homemade sword, a hatchet, a knife, brass knuckles and a chain saw stained with what appeared to be blood. U.S. customs agents confiscated the weapons and fingerprinted Despres. Then they let him into the United States.

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Chinese gamer sentenced to life

Online RPG Gaming is taken more seriously than Reality by gamers. People lose their Jobs and friends because these games become addictive, and now they might even kill you.

A Shanghai online gamer has been given a suspended death sentence for killing a fellow gamer.
Qui Chengwei stabbed Zhu Caoyuan in the chest when he found out he had sold his virtual sword for 7,200 Yuan (£473).

The sword, which Mr Qui had lent to Mr Zhu, was won in the popular online game Legend of Mir 3.

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Rambus Suing Samsung

When you thought enough was enough.... Rambus sue again.

Rambus announced Monday that it had filed suit against the world's largest memory manufacturer in the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of California. It also said it has added Samsung as a defendant in a pending case originally filed against other memory manufacturers.
In all, the claims involve 35 patents. Rambus alleges the Samsung products that violate its patent include SDRAM (the most common type of PC memory used in the 1990s), DDR memory (the most common type now), DDR2 memory, and GDDR2 and GDDR3 graphics memory.

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Microsoft to launch Blackberry rival in October

Microsoft releases a blackberry that will only crash twice a day and cost $80 a month....can't wait for this release.

The appeal of so-called "push" technology is real-time synchronization, which means that e-mails are sent instantly in both directions between the device and network. Likewise, a message that is deleted on a device or a desktop computer connected to the same e-mail account is instantly deleted in the other setting as well.

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Forum Happenings

Spicy Paris - Video
The Internet VS the Real World - Video
The Future 2015 - Video

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Police say granny, 80, ran prostitution ring

Hmmmm.....Never to old to run a prostitution ring.

Police made a surprising discovery when they busted the alleged madam of a prostitution ring called "August Playmates": The woman running the show was an 80-year-old grandmother.
Authorities arrested Vera Tursi last month during a sting operation to crack down on prostitution rings posing as legal escort services. Police say Tursi ran the business from her two-bedroom apartment, taking $60 of every $160 she charged clients for one hour with a call girl.

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Six Arrested After Brawl Over Cigarettes

And you thought Cigarettes would kill you ?

It happened Sunday when a 20-year-old woman walked into the store on Johns Island and tried to buy cigarettes. The 18-year-old clerk would not sell them to her because the woman's driver's license was damaged.

The woman argued with the clerk, then left, returning a few minutes later with a friend who also started arguing. The friend then jumped over the counter and attacked the clerk, sheriff's deputies said.

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Nokia Sued For Patent Infringement

Apparently Hands Free Technology is patented by another company. Whoduthinkit.

"Nokia is infringing on a patented invention that makes it possible to answer the phone without touching it... controlling it by touching a button in the hands-free device or through voice control".

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MSN Flaw Put Hotmail Accounts At Risk

Microsoft security flaw puts hotmail user accounts at risk. Ooops we did it again.

The MSN Web site, http://ilovemessenger.msn.com/, contained a so-called cross-site scripting flaw, a Microsoft representative said on Monday. In its initial review of the issue, the company found that an attacker could use the vulnerability to obtain "cookies" from Hotmail users by getting them to click on a malicious URL

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Pacman for your excel spread sheet.

No more boring spreadsheets for you. Try Pac Man and Excel.

This software works on Excel 97 and 2000.
I was absorbed in video game named *pacman* when I was a schoolchild.
I would like to reproduce that on Excel. I've held the thought from two years before, and finally...It's realized.

All actions are expressed by rewriting of a cell background color.
Each one of cells as a dot, and move it by make cell's background color high-speed rewriting.
Although I did not think it's possiblele, but now it's possiblele by the favor of the improvement in a performance of a personal computer. The window zoom is 10%, so the each cell can not be seen. But it is A CELL.

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Monday, June 06, 2005

How Good IS your Engrish ?

How good is your engrish? I wonder for all those people with chinese symbol tattoos on their bodies?

Q. What is Engrish?

A. Engrish can be simply defined as the humorous English mistakes that appear in Japanese advertising and product design.

Q. Is Engrish found only in Japan?

A. No, Engrish can be found all over the world, but the vast majority of the really funny and creative Engrish is from Japan. The webmaster has seen many examples of Engrish from around the world, but most are not fit for Engrish.com (ie – they are not funny enough). People are invited to send in Engrish from other countries (including the US) - if some really good examples come in, Engrish.com will be happy to post them.

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Virus Humour

Some Virus humor, to keep you busy at work tomorrow.

DEMOCRAT VIRUS - Doesn't allow you to delete inefficient programs or wasted disc space - if you try, it accuses you of being a "mean-spirited extremist".

DIET VIRUS - Allows your hard drive to lose weight by eliminating the FAT table.

DISNEY VIRUS - Everything in the computer goes Goofy.

DOLLY PARTON VIRUS - It sounds pretty good, but you'd swear your monitor looks larger and have more knobs than it used to. DEFLATE.COM removes it.

DONALD TRUMP VIRUS - Harmless unless you use online banking.

ELLEN DEGENERES VIRUS v 1.0 - Your IBM suddenly claims it's a MAC.

Ellen Degeneres Virus v 2.0 - Disks can no longer be inserted.

Elvis Virus - Your computer gets fat, slow and lazy and then self-destructs, only to resurface at shopping malls and service stations across rural America.

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Porn sites to get their own Internet domain

Two words - Money Grab .... Internet pRoN is everywhere, now they get their own domain.

Sex sites will soon be able to sign up for Web addresses in the .xxx Internet domain, but a virtual red light district won't guarantee that people can avoid pornography online, Internet experts said Thursday.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers said late Wednesday it would move ahead with plans to set up a separate .xxx Internet domain for sexually explicit material.

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Airlines to Begin Tallying Pet Casualties

You have a one in ten chance that " Muffin " will not be getting off the plane.

That's about to change. Starting June 15, airlines must report how many pets are killed, lost or injured on their flights.

The government estimates 2 million animals fly commercially every year. Many airlines allow small pets to travel in portable kennels under seats, where the owners are responsible for their safety. Larger pets travel in cargo holds, where they can be exposed to extreme heat or cold and loud noises from plane engines

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Forum Happenings

Store Wars - Parody
Lemonade Stand Game
Is it MTV or PrOn

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It's Official: Apple Switches to Intel

You will not be able to run Mac OS on any other hardware other than a Mac ? Let's see how long that lasts...... I believe this is a much needed switch for apple.

Why the switch? Jobs cited Intel's better power performance per watt as well as shortcomings of IBM's PowerPC chip. IBM's 64-bit PowerPC 970FX processor, which Apple calls the G5, is very competitive with Intel's Pentium 4 processor when it comes to desktop performance. However, the latest version of the chip required Apple to use liquid cooling technology to make sure its Power Mac computers would function. IBM and Apple have thus far been unable to work the G5 into a notebook and have been unable to produce a 3-GHz Power Mac.

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DVD Decrypter Shut Down by Sony

Another one bites the dust. In the fight to curb piracy.

A “certain company" has “decided they don"t like what I’m doing (circumventing their protection) and have come at me like a pack of wolves,” says Lightning UK in a post on cdfreaks, going on:

“I’ve no choice but to cease everything to do with DVD Decrypter.I realise this is going to be one of those "that sucks - fight them!" kinda things, but at the end of the day, it"s my life and I"m not about to throw it all away (before it has even really started) attempting to fight a battle I can"t possibly win.”

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Sunday, June 05, 2005

How smart are you after reading MoPo ?

I started off OK, not doing so good now.

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Man released after 35 years for TV theft

How much time would he have gotten if he had stole a color TV?

Allen was a 30-year-old migrant farm worker from Georgia with a criminal history that included burglaries and a violent assault when he sneaked into an unlocked house and stole a 19-inch black-and-white television worth $140

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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Google Site Maps

A new tool that gnerates a sitemap for indexing in Google....this does not effect your site ranking.

Google Sitemaps is an easy way for you to help improve your coverage in the Google index. It's a collaborative crawling system that enables you to communicate directly with Google to keep us informed of all your web pages, and when you make changes to these pages.

With Google Sitemaps you get:

Better crawl coverage to help people find more of your web pages
Fresher search results
A smarter crawl because you can provide specific information about all your web pages, such as when a page was last modified or how frequently a page changes

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Toyota Robots By 2010

In 2010, you will be able to walk into a
Toyota dealership, buy a car…and a robot. 0% financing will be available with factory cash back incentives of up to $2,500.00….oh yeah, and the car will be eligible for those rebates too.

Toyota Motor Corp. plans to move from the garage to the kitchen and bedroom.

The auto giant has set up a division to make the company a powerhouse in the potentially lucrative sector of robots for household use.

In 2010, the automaker intends to start selling next-generation household robots to help people receive visitors, raise children and provide nursing care for sick and elderly patients, company officials said.

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Apple going intel

Interesting enough, this can only mean good things for Apple.

Apple Computer plans to announce Monday that it's scrapping its partnership with IBM and switching its computers to Intel's microprocessors, CNET News.com has learned.
Apple has used IBM's PowerPC processors since 1994, but will begin a phased transition to Intel's chips, sources familiar with the situation said. Apple plans to move lower-end computers such as the Mac Mini to Intel chips in mid-2006 and higher-end models such as the Power Mac in mid-2007, sources said.
The announcement is expected Monday at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco, at which Chief Executive Steve Jobs is giving the keynote speech. The conference would be an appropriate venue: Changing the chips would require programmers to rewrite their software to take full advantage of the new processor.

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Man Sues Over Exploding Porta-Potty

Who lit the match ?

The lawsuit alleges Pennsylvania man was injured when methane gas leaked into the toilet and ignited when he lit a cigarette.
Story by The Associated PressA Pennsylvania man injured when a portable toilet exploded is suing a general contractor and a coal company for negligence.
John Jenkins, 53, and his wife, Ramona Jenkins, of Brave, Pa., filed the lawsuit in Monongalia County Circuit Court in Morgantown on Tuesday. They are suing Chisler Inc., a general contractor from Fairview, and Eastern Associated Coal for $10 million.

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The Beer Pool - Guests take a dip in beer pool

This is fantastic - Need another beer ? " I would rather swin than swollow ?

An Austrian holiday resort is offering guests the chance to swim in a pool containing 42,000 pints of beer.
The Starkenber Beer Myth resort located in and around the medieval castle of Starkenberger in Austria's Tyrol region has filled seven 13ft long pools with the beer.
The management claims that beer baths heal various skin diseases.
However, some guests are said to have enjoyed drinking their favourite brew while swimming in the pools.
Manager Markus Amann, 23, said: "I would rather swim than swallow, as we serve enough of a cold, fresh tapped beer on the bars next to the pools."

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Friday, June 03, 2005

Old Hard Drives Tell Secrets

We often remind people that the data on your old hard drives that you discard or sell can be recovered and snooped through because it is import that people know that simply "erasing" a drive isn't enough. So unless you don’t care that your old “barnyard adventures” home videos are recovered and end up on the net, we suggest you take appropriate measures to destroy that data before you discard that old drive. Thank Joe Alpert for the linkage.

In revising the O&O Study, 'Data Data Everywhere,' 200 used hard disks were purchased on eBay and scanned for existing data. On more than 70% of this used storage media O&O discovered some sort of personal or business data. In some cases, the data found were quite staggering. The O&O Study describes the reasons why data are not securely deleted and presents solutions for improving data security for both private and business users.

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Music Piracy Growing

What's this? All the RIAA lawsuits aren’t stopping piracy? Online music sales are up by 52% but music piracy is still climbing? Even with piracy supposedly on the rise, Apple has had growth of 500% over the last three quarters (and higher). Wow, imagine a 500% growth in your business? So much for piracy killing the industry.

It's certainly no secret that Apple Computer's iPod is the bestselling digital music player. The company has shipped nearly 12 million iPods in just the last three quarters, representing three consecutive quarters of growth of 500% or higher. It's also no secret that Apple (nasdaq: AAPL - news - people ) is a champion of legal downloading. Peer-to-peer (illegal) music downloading didn't grow at 500%, but it does continue to grow steadily despite low-priced music subscription services and an acceleration in sales of the iPod, which which was designed to work with Apple’s proprietary (and legal) iTunes music store.

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The Deadly Art of Card Throwing

Don't mess with those cards, someone might get hurt......

Throwing cards as deadly weapons seems impossible. Little bits of cut-out cardboard not even strong enough to be packaging for your computer suddenly becoming capable of piercing hard fruit, drywall, or even a brown paper lawn bag is beyond the believable unless you are open to anything you've seen on TV-or anything, period.
Well, let me tell you this: It is impossible. What!?! You come all the way to find out how to do this feat and find out it cannot be done? Uh-uh, I never said that. I am going to teach you, however I am also telling you that it is impossible ... right now.
The ability to throw any ordinary playing card with any amount of sting takes both luck and training. Any of you who've mastered the throwing knife know that even something meant to be thrown, isn't easy. So something not meant to be thrown, or even used defensively, is that much harder.


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Stanford rejects hacker applicants

Look ma, Im and idiot .......

STANFORD, California (AP) -- Stanford University's Graduate School of Business has rejected 41 applicants who tried to access an admissions Web site earlier this year in hopes of learning their fate ahead of schedule.

School officials said the applicants were given the opportunity to explain why they attempted to gain access to their admissions files before the date when the university was to tell them if they were admitted.

"At the end of the day, we didn't hear any stories that we thought were compelling enough to counterbalance the act," said Robert Joss, dean of the business school.

Check it out here

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Mayan Calendar

By tracking the movements of the Moon, Venus, and other heavenly bodies, the Mayans realized that there were cycles in the Cosmos. From this came their reckoning of time, and a calendar that accurately measures the solar year to within minutes.

So for the Maya there was a time for everything and every thing had it's place in time. The priest used this to their advantage; due to their abilities to interpret the heavens and calendar, they could control the daily activities of the populace. Knowing when to plant, when to harvest, the rainy and dry seasons, etc. gave them total power and control. Their comprehension of time, seasons, and cycles was immense.

The Classic Mayan civilization was unique and left us a way to incorporate higher dimensional knowledge of time and creation by leaving us the Tzolkin calendar. The Mayans invented the calendars we use today. The present calendars ends in the year 2012.

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Forum Happenings

When Porn Stars Attack - Video
Atari Geeks - Video
Dukes Of Hazzard - Movie Trailer
Mang Films - Video

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Windows One Care - Beta Download

Sign up now for beta testing - or not. Provides a comprehensive PC health service Windows OneCare helps protect and maintain your computer with an integrated service that includes antivirus, firewall, PC maintenance, and data backup and restore functionality.

MS One Host

Works automatically to help provide hassle-free protection and maintenance Windows OneCare automatically takes care of key tasks such as running antivirus scans, updating the antivirus engine and virus definitions, updating the firewall, and running a monthly PC tune-up to improve and maintain your computer's performance.

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