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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year 2006 - MoPo | Geek

Thank you all very much for helping us consume our bandwidth limits each month! We look forward to upgrading our server again in 2006 and are excited to bring you new and thought provoking information. Stay tuned, a lot of great things are soon to come.

Had Enough to Drink Yet?

Remeber Kids, if you are going to be drinking this holiday, please don’t drink and drive.

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Chris Garnett Changes Name to Kentucky Fried Cruelty

A worker with the rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has changed his name to KentuckyFriedCruelty.com to support a campaign against the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant chain.

The former Chris Garnett says the name is official, and he has the driver's license and papers to prove it.

The new name "never fails to spark a discussion," said the 19-year-old, who serves as youth outreach coordinator for PETA. PETA's anti-KFC campaign is based on video footage taken last year showing alleged mistreatment of chickens by a supplier in West Virginia.

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Tom Cruise Creates New Slang: 'Jump The Couch'

When Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah's couch, a new slang term was born. And now, "jump the couch" has been named the Slang of the Year by the editors of the Historical Dictionary of American Slang.

Watch Video Tom Cruise Kills Oprah

The dictionary defines "jump the couch" as exhibiting "strange or frenetic behavior."

"Jump the couch" began popping up just a few weeks after Cruise excitedly professed his love for new flame Katie Holmes by leaping onto the guest couch during the May 23, 2005, Oprah Winfrey Show.

The phrase has since appeared in The New York Times, The Dallas Morning News, and innumerable blogs around the world.

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Friday, December 30, 2005

MoPo | Forum Humor Video Edition

Why We Love Winter ( Snow Plow ) - Video
The New Guy in Prison - Video
NSFW - Aylar is a Iranian/Norwegian Glam-Model - Video

Pillsbury Dough CupCakes Anyone - Video
Napster Ad - Must See Get the Whole Thing - Video
What Happens When You Put Metal in the Microwave? - Video

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District of North Vancouver Bylaw 5981-11(i)

Attention Dog Guardians : Pick up after your dog. Thank you.

District of North Vancouver Bylaw 5981-11(i)

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E-mail Signature Disclaimers Absquatulation

IMPORTANT: This email is intended for the use of the individual addressee(s) named above and may contain information that is confidential, privileged or unsuitable for overly sensitive persons with low self-esteem, no sense of humour or irrational religious beliefs. If you are not the intended recipient, any dissemination, distribution or copying of this email is not authorised (either explicitly or implicitly) and constitutes an irritating social faux pas. Unless the word absquatulation has been used in its correct context somewhere other than in this warning, it does not have any legal or grammatical use and may be ignored. No animals were harmed in the transmission of this email, although the yorkshire terrier next door is living on borrowed time, let me tell you. Those of you with an over whelming fear of the unknown will be gratified to learn that there is no hidden message revealed by reading this warning backwards, so just ignore that Alert Notice from Microsoft: However, by pouring a complete circle of salt around yourself and your computer you can ensure that no harm befalls you and your pets. If you have received this email in error, please add some nutmeg and eggwhites and place it in a warm oven for 40 minutes. Whisk briefly and let it stand for 2 hours before icing.

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Jessica Simpson to be a Bond Girl? Casino Royale

Jessica Simpson is the latest name on James Bond producers' wish list after both Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie pulled out of a Bond babe role in new 007 adventure Casino Royale.

Theron and Jolie refused Bond bosses, according to IGN FilmForce, and now they're courting newly-single Simpson to play female lead Vesper Lynd in the new film.

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Clever Veet Advertisement | No Camel Toe

Clever Veet Ad - Look a Little Closer

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History Of New Year’s Celebrations

New Year's Day is the first day of the year, in the Gregorian calendar. In modern times, it is January 1. In most countries, it is a holiday. It is still celebrated as a holy day on January 14 by those who still follow the Julian calendar such as followers of some of the Eastern Orthodox churches known as Old Calendarists.

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Ski Snowboard Techo Speedometer Portable Wrist Watch

This is the only personal, portable device available that measures your ground speed and distance while skiing, snowboarding, or sledding, providing a readout on a wrist unit so you can easily track total range and best speeds.

Ski Snowboard Techo Spedometer Portable Wrist Watch

The small, wireless, coded radio-frequency transmitter attaches to your boot, leg, or waist and projects a radar signal to measure average ground speed in MPH and KMH, as well as maximum speed, pace in minutes per mile, distance in miles, total distance, and elapsed time. All information is sent from the transmitter to the watch display, which has a built-in lap counter, alarm, backlight, stopwatch, calorie counter, 12/24 hour time, date, and three automatic speed modes (cross country, downhill, Nordic). Easy install ation takes two minutes. The low-profile transmitter will not interfere with your movement, and is weather-resistant to withstand winter conditions and can be worn under clothing.

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2005: Boob Tube at its Worst

Developing a list of the best television programming during the past 12 months is a daunting task. Assembling a lineup of the worst TV programs of 2005, is even more Herculean. So many choices, so few slots ...

It's a sin, for example, that certain awful TV shows should escape the end-of-year tally unscathed simply because there are other, worse contenders beneath them at the bottom of the barrel.

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Online Holiday Shoppers Spend $30 Billion

Online retailers enjoyed strong holiday sales this year, as consumers spent some $30.1 billion shopping on the World Wide Web, up 30 percent from last year.

Consumer electronics, the second-fastest growing category, also generated $4.8 billion in online spending, jumping 109 percent from 2004, while books and toys/video games rounded out the top five product categories, garnering $3.0 and $2.3 billion in online revenue, respectively. The Books category jumped 66 percent in revenue from last year, compared to toys/video games, which fell 9 percent from the 2004 holiday season.

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

MoPo | Forum iPod Posting Contest

Win an iPod Nano or a $50 GC to BB

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Chocolate Syrup + Wrestling + Girls = ?

Why wouldn't you fill up a tank full of liquid chocolate, for a nice game of chocolate syrup wrestling?

Chocolate Syrup Mud Wrestling Girl Champion

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Raw Meat Instead Of iPod Inside Sealed Box

A 14-year-old girl who received a new Apple iPod opened the sealed box and found raw mystery meat inside, according to a Local 6 News report.

Rachel Cambra purchased a new high-tech iPod for her daughter as a gift this week. When she opened the sealed box, the device was missing and in its place was a piece of raw meat, the report said.

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World's Weirdest Holiday Yard Displays

The world's weirdest holiday yard displays, gathered together for the first time. If you're upset about the giant inflatable Santa on your neighbor's front lawn, send in a picture and we'll make fun of it for you.

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Opera Software Chooses Google

Norwegian Opera Software has agreed that Google Inc. will be the default partner for its mobile Internet browsers.

"Google will be the default search partner for the mobile browsers: Opera Mobile and Opera Mini," Opera Software ASA said in a statement. "Under the one-year contract, Opera will make Google Search a major part of the browsers home screen."

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New Intel Logos Pictures On the Way?

Intel’s been in the news a lot as of late, much of it relating to the possible launch of Intel-based Macs at next month’s MacWorld. So it only seems fitting that the rumor mills are a-turning, here relating to the company’s logo.

Allegedly, gone will be the now-familiar “Intel Inside” sticker, replaced with a new sticker detailing the type of processor that lies within. That is, each processor family is getting its own tags. Will we be seeing one of these on Steve Jobs’s computers in a few weeks’ time?

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Sony Settles Class Action Lawsuit over DRM

The record label has agreed to offer US customers money and free downloads to encourage them to replace CDs that secretly install rootkit software.

Customers who exchange their XCP CD can either download three albums from a list of over 200 titles, or can claim a cash payment of $7.50 (£4.36) and a free download of one album. To claim this compensation, customers must return their XCP CDs to Sony, or provide the company with a receipt showing they returned or exchanged the CD at a retailer after November 14.

Sony is not recalling MediaMax CDs, but has agreed to compensate buyers of these albums by allowing them to download one free album, as well as offering them MP3 versions of the music on the MediaMax album.

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Top 2005 Junk Mail Trump "Penis Patch"

Ads mentioning real estate tycoon Donald Trump and those hawking "Penis Patch" body enhancements were among the top 10 junk e-mails in 2005, according to America Online.

More than a half-trillion junk e-mails, known as spam, were blocked by AOL filters, slightly above 2004 levels, the company said. The number of junk e-mails reported by AOL's 26 million members worldwide has declined about 75 percent since 2003.

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Hacker Pleads Guilty to Computer Attack on eBay

Anthony Clark, 21, faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a fine of at least 250,000 dollars, according to Luke Macaulay of the US Attorney's Office.

Clark was arrested as part of a "Botnet" investigation by the US Secret Service and the US Attorney's Office, Macaulay said.

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MSN Video Brings New Year’s Eve 2006 To World

New Year’s Eve 2006 revelers from all around the world now have the opportunity to experience nonstop streams covering New York City’s Times Square New Year’s Eve countdown event in real time via an exclusive webcast from MSN® Video. MSN Video is the exclusive online provider of the official Times Square New Year’s Eve 2006 celebration, and revelers can begin their New Year’s Eve journey now at http://msn.com/newyears.

The live event in Times Square on Dec. 31 begins at 7 p.m. EST/4 p.m. PST. It will include a multistream, multicamera look at numerous performances and celebrations happening in and around the New York City Times Square location. On the Web site now through Dec. 31, 2005, online visitors can watch exclusive video flashbacks of 2005. This marks the second consecutive year that MSN Video has webcast the Times Square New Year’s Eve festivities.

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What Do Men & Women do on the Web

Imagine that, men and women want different stuff from the web. If you ask me, I think men and women are searching for basically the same stuff. Women want information on relationships, health and religious guidance and men want the same thing…if by relationships you mean porn and by religious guidance you mean chicks dressed as nuns.

"Once you get past the commonalities, men tend to be attracted to online activities that are far more action-oriented, while women tend to value things involving relationships or human connections," said Deborah Fallows, a research fellow at Pew and author of the report.


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Sony PSP Graffiti Ads - Hire Local Artist

Sony Corp. scouted out an unusual place to advertise its PlayStation Portable before the holidays: the side of an abandoned building in a gritty North Philadelphia neighborhood.

The black-on-white graffiti shows wide-eyed cartoon characters riding the PlayStation like a skateboard, licking it like a lollipop or cranking it like a Jack-in-the-Box.

Sony spokeswoman Molly Smith told an Internet news site earlier this month that Sony was hiring artists in seven cities _ Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago were the others _ to spray paint the pre-drawn designs. "With PSP being a portable product, our target is what we consider to be urban nomads," Smith told Wired News.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Geek Chess | BNC & Networking

Play a little Geek Chess?

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Win an iPod Nano or $50 BestBuy Posting Contest

All active members of the Forum on the 31st of Aug 2006 will be automatically entered into a draw to win a 2GB Apple iPod nano valued at CAD$249. One runner up will recieve a $50 Gift Card to Best Buy.

It’s easy to qualify for the draw to win one of these awesome prizes.

Register on the MoPo Forum – Register Here - if you haven’t already done so.

1) Make sure your Profile details are true and correct.
2) Have at least 50 posts to your username by Aug 31, 2006.
3) Visit the site and forum at least twice a week, actively posting each visit.
4) For every five (5) new member referrals, an extra entry to the draw will be added on your behalf.

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The Effect of Country Music on Suicide

This article assesses the link between country music and metropolitan suicide rates. Country music is hypothesized to nurture a suicidal mood through its concerns with problems common in the suicidal population, such as marital discord, alcohol abuse, and alienation from work.

The results of a multiple regression analysis of 49 metropolitan areas show that the greater the airtime devoted to country music, the greater the white suicide rate. The effect is independent of divorce, southernness, poverty, and gun availability. The existence of a country music subculture is thought to reinforce the link between country music and suicide. Our model explains 51% of the variance in urban white suicide rates.

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Reno Tobler Accused of Delivering Unwanted Gifts

A Nebraska man has been arrested in central Iowa for allegedly delivering some unwanted Christmas gifts.

Reno Tobler, 54, was arrested Thursday in Clive after police caught him lobbing urine bottles into backyards.

“We’ve got a Grinch that has been lobbing urine,” said Clive Police Chief Robert Cox. “Since this fall, we’ve had eight to 10 incidents reported where people have found containers full of urine thrown into their backyards.”

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Female Parking - Animated Gif

Female Parking Made Easy

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Look Your Best - Picture O' Day

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Hacker Security Trends: Follow the Money

Michael Lynn may have lost his job at the Black Hat 2005 conference this year, but he gained worldwide attention for pointing out something that had previously only been understood by a select group of security experts: Routers can be hacked, too.

Online crime is a going (and growing) concern as a growing number of malicious programs are being designed for theft or extortion.

If you're still wondering about the financial justification for security spending, just ask the folks at ChoicePoint. They took a $6 million charge this year after information thieves collected data on thousands of consumers from the company. And credit card processor CardSystems Solutions may yet go out of business from the fallout of a major security breach at the company's Tucson, Arizona, operations center.

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Apple Computers & iPods What's Next?

Different varieties of the iPod are reported in the works by sites run by Apple afficionados. Perhaps an iPhone, or an iPod-cell phone hybrid. There is considerable speculation that iPods will get wireless Internet connectivity.

As Apple works to make its computers digital multimedia hubs, the book-sized Mac mini introduced in early 2005 is predicted to get features that will make it fit more comfortably in a living room.

Add an iPod dock or a TV tuner, for instance, and it could serve as a home's music hub and a TiVo-like digital video recorder.

Home media servers, computers designed to control digital music, video and TV consumption, are starting to pick up in sales, with about 5 million shipped worldwide in 2005, according to IDC analyst David Daoud.

The nascent market is dominated by a variety of machines that run Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Media Center Edition operating system. But there's little consumer excitement, certainly not matching the thrill that followed the debut of Apple's original iPod in 2001.

Apple sold 22.5 million iPods in the 2005 fiscal year that ended in September, bringing cumulative iPod sales to more than 28 million.

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Wired Best Foot in Mouth Quotes 2005

"Most people don't even know what a rootkit is, so why should they care about it?"

-- Thomas Hesse, president of Sony BMG

"You're obviously from France."

-- Intel CEO Paul Ottelini

"I know what I don't know, and to this day I don't know technology and I don't know accounting and finance."

-- Bernie Ebbers, ex-CEO of WorldCom

"Lightweight, and crank it on, and you shuffle the shuffle."

-- President Bush

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Monday, December 26, 2005

Charlize Theron Lookin Hot - Photos

Charlize Theron was born in Benoni, a little farming community outside Johannesburg, South Africa on August 7th, 1975. Her mother, Gerda, is German, while her late father, Charles, was French (she was named after her him).

Charlize Theron Looking Awesome
Charlize Theron Photo

Charlize began her modeling career in 1991, at 16, when she won a local modeling contest. She started modeling in Europe, and came to New York a year later.

Charlize Theron Looking Hot Nude
Charlize Theron Photo #2

Her movie roles include Helga in 2 Days in the Valley (1996), which landed her the role of Tina in That Thing You Do! (1996). Since then, she has starred in movies like The Devil's Advocate (1997), Mighty Joe Young (1998), The Cider House Rules (1999), The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000) and The Italian Job (2003). An important day in her life was February 29th, 2004, when she was awarded with her first Academy Award for her performance in Monster (2003).

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There's No Getting off the No-fly List

Sarah Zapolsky was checking in for a flight to Italy when she discovered that her 9-month-old son's name was on the United States' "no fly" list of suspected terrorists.

"We pointed down to the stroller, and he sat there and gurgled," Zapolsky said, recalling the July incident at Dulles International Airport outside Washington, D.C. "The desk agent started laughing...She couldn't print us out a boarding pass because he's on the no-fly list."

Zapolsky, who did not want her son's name made public, said she was initially amused by the mix-up. "But when I found out you can't actually get off the list, I started to get a bit annoyed."

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iPod Clock Radio IH5 iHome Nano Alarm

After a late night of MMORPGing your preference is to sleep until noon... and hey we don't blame you. But sometimes you need to get up at the crack of 10am for those pesky life obligations like work, or eating.

The iHome is compatible with every iPod model with a dock connector (including the Nano and the iPod Video). It also comes with an adaptor for the iPod shuffle.

What better way to rouse yourself then by your favorite iPod music streaming through the Reason8 speaker chambers of the iHome iPod Clock Radio? Wake to the buzzer or radio if you prefer. The iHome's crisp radio reception and warm sound will have your old clock radio cowering in the corner. The iPodesque control dials allow easy access to audio volume and setting of the clock/alarm. Battery backup ensures you won't miss those critical early morning LAN parties.

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Naked Germans Jump into Freezing Lake

Wearing nothing but red Santa Claus caps, the naked men and women aged between 25 and 73 went cheerfully en masse into the Oranke Lake in northern Berlin, which had temperatures of 2 degrees Celsius (36 degrees Fahrenheit).

Some stayed in the water just a minute or so while others swam for 10 to 15 minutes. The traditional Christmas swim goes back many years, at least to 1980, even though no one knows for sure when it began. The swimmers, outnumbered by news photographers drawn to the event, first warmed up by singing Christmas carols together.

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New Year's Day 2006 Delayed by a Second

Get ready for a minute with 61 seconds. Scientists are delaying the start of 2006 by the first 'leap second' in seven years, a timing tweak meant to make up for changes in the Earth's rotation.

A leap second is added to keep uniform timekeeping within 0.9 second of the Earth's rotational time, which can speed up or slow down because of many factors, including ocean tides. The first leap second was added on June 30, 1972

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Salma Hayek FHM Hot 100 Women

Salma Hayek Looking Great Once Upon a Time Mexico FHM 2005

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Merry Christmas From MoPo & CCRKBA

Their press release states: "The card presents Santa guarding a group of small children from a bomb-harnessed suicide killer. The bomber appears ready to cast a stick of dynamite at an image of the Infant Jesus beneath a decorated Christmas tree."

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Jews for Jesus Sues Google over Blog

Christian evangelical group Jews for Jesus is suing Google Inc., saying a Web log hosted through the Internet search leader's Blogspot service infringes its trademark.

The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in New York on Wednesday, seeks to force Google to give Jews for Jesus control of the site as well as unspecified monetary damages.

The disputed blog, http://jewsforjesus.blogspot.com, was started in January 2005 by someone taking the name "Whistle Blower" and airing critical views of the San Francisco-based organization.

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Chicken Strippers Domino's Pizza

Jen wrote: Our local Domino's pizzeria keeps delivering menu flyers to us, and one of their non-pizza staples seems to be "chicken strippers"; no need to tell you what images that conjures up in my mind, but I'd like to see what you make of it...

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Wafah Dufour Posing Nude GQ - Osama Niece

Wafah Dufour, niece of Osama bin Laden, poses in an undated publicity photo released on December 22, 2005, taken during a photo session for the January 2006 issue of GQ Magazine. Dufour, who took her mother's maiden name after the events of September 11, 2001, is an aspiring musician struggling to make a name for herself.

Dufour said she has never met Osama bin Laden. 'Everyone relates me to that man, and I have nothing to do with him. There are 400 other people related to him, but they are all in Saudi Arabia, so nobody's going to get tarred with it. I'm the only one here,' Dufour said in the GQ article.

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New York Man Changes his Name to Jesus Christ

A Manhattan man's holiday spirits soared to celestial heights Friday when a judge gave him permission to change his name to Jesus Christ.

Jose Luis Espinal, 42, of Washington Heights, said he was "happy" and "grateful" that the judge approved the change, effective immediately. Espinal said he was moved to seek the name change about a year ago when it dawned on him, "I am the person that is that name."

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How Does Norad Tracking Santa

NORAD uses four high-tech systems to track Santa - radar, satellites, Santa Cams and jet fighter aircraft.

It all starts with the NORAD radar system called the North Warning System. This powerful radar system has 47 installations strung across Canada's North and Alaska. NORAD makes a point of checking the radar closely for indications of Santa Claus leaving the North Pole on Christmas Eve.

The moment our radar tells us that Santa has lifted off, we begin to use the same satellites that we use in providing warning of possible missile launches aimed at North America. These satellites are located in a geo-synchronous orbit (that's a cool phrase meaning that the satellite is always fixed over the same spot on the Earth) at 22,300 miles above the Earth.

The satellites have infrared sensors, meaning they can see heat. When a rocket or missile is launched, a tremendous amount of heat is produced - enough for the satellites to see them. Rudolph's nose gives off an infrared signature similar to a missile launch. The satellites can detect Rudolph's bright red nose with practically no problem. With so many years of experience, NORAD has become good at tracking aircraft entering North America, detecting worldwide missile launches and tracking the progress of Santa, thanks to Rudolph.

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Friday, December 23, 2005

Taxing Online Shopping - Tax the Internet

This may be the last holiday season to enjoy tax-free Internet shopping, thanks to new legislation in the U.S. Congress.

Two bills introduced Wednesday propose sweeping changes to how Americans are taxed for online and mail order purchases. Businesses initially would be required to collect sales taxes on purchases shipped to roughly half of the country, and that percentage is expected to rapidly increase.

Main Street retailers collect sales taxes, while many online and catalog retailers are exempt from collecting the same taxes, said a statement published by Sen. Mike Enzi, a Wyoming Republican. "This is costing states and localities billions in lost revenue." (A related bill has been introduced by Sen. Byron Dorgan, a North Dakota Democrat, who is a former state tax commissioner.)

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Apple's Web Site Among Fastest Growing

Driven largely by the popularity of the iTunes music service and software, Apple Computer Inc.'s Web site was the fastest growing last month among the major brands, according to a study by Nielsen/NetRatings.

The site drew 30.8 million unique visitors in November, a 57 percent jump from the 19.6 million a year earlier. Google Inc. saw a 29 percent growth in visitors while Amazon.com Inc. had a 16 percent boost.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

What is the Origin of Boxing Day Shopping

Beginning in the Middle Ages, Boxing Day was known as St. Stephen's Day in honour of the first Christmas martyr. Although unknown in the United States, Boxing Day is still observed in Britain, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. It's called "Boxing Day" because on the day after Christmas, the well-off boxed up gifts to give to their servants and trades people, while the churches opened their charity boxes to the poor.

If visions of shopping malls are dancing in your head, you're not alone. Christmas is the biggest time of year for retailers, and the biggest shopping day of all is the day after, which is known as Boxing Day. To Canadian retailers, Boxing Day is essentially the equivalent to the American "Black Friday".

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Kate Moss - 2006 Pirelli Calendar Download

Hottest calendars of 2006! Pirelli Calendar & Kate Moss.


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iPod Nano Photo Girl Collection

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Ebert's Best 10 Movies of 2005

How in the world can anyone think it was a bad year for the movies when so many were wonderful, a few were great, a handful were inspiring, and there were scenes so risky you feared the tightrope might break? If none of the year's 10 best had been made, I could name another 10 and no one would wonder at the choices. There were a lot of movies to admire in 2005.

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eBay Selling Live Pets

A plan by eBay Inc. to allow live pets to be listed for sale on the online marketplace has been suspended after eliciting a barrage of criticism from the company's users.

The plan, revealed by an eBay manager on a message board Friday afternoon, was to create a live pets classifieds category early next year.

But after more than 2,000 users chimed in with feedback, most of it critical, eBay changed course. On Monday, the San Jose company said that it no longer intends to allow pets to be listed on the Web site.

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World Of Warcraft Five Million Customers

Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. today announced that World of Warcraft®, its massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), has surpassed five million customers worldwide.

The subscription-based MMORPG launched approximately one year ago in North America, Australia, and New Zealand and has since released in multiple countries throughout Europe and Asia.

This latest milestone comes on the heels of Blizzard Entertainment®'s recent announcement of a World of Warcraft expansion, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade™, which will push the boundaries of the game and offer even more content and features for players.

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Windows Vista Preview Download 500,000 Testers

Microsoft today released a third preview version of Windows Vista, and plans another test version of its next-generation operating system in February.

The new preview version of Vista contains new features including the anti-spyware utility "Windows Defender," a data-protection scheme called "BitLocker" that encrypts a laptop's hard drive so its data can't be used by a thief, and improvements to Vista's new desktop user interface. Microsoft plans to have all of Vista's features complete by the February test version, said Boettcher.

Windows Vista, due in the second half of next year, will replace Windows XP, which Microsoft released in 2001, as the company's standard operating system for PCs. Microsoft shipped an initial beta of Vista in July, and has shipped two community technology previews so far.

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NYC Transit Strike Boosts Online Shopping

There's one silver lining to the New York City transit strike that has shut down buses and subways, while crippling many businesses. Online retailing _ which has enjoyed robust sales this holiday season _ is getting a further boost in the season's final days, as New York area shoppers turn to the Internet for last-minute buying.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Swiss Army Memory Pen Stick Flash Drive USB

We realize this gorgeous Swiss Army knife, with a built-in USB flash drive, is probably causing you to become very excited and thus filling you with an almost uncontrollable urge to immediately go out and get one for your self. The Swiss Memory USB is the perfect marriage of technology, practicality, materials, and quality design.

Swiss Army USB Memory Drive
Swiss Army USB Memory Drive

It perfectly pulls together four important tools that no geek should ever be without (USB flash drive, LED light, Swiss Army knife, ballpoint pen). These functions have been skillfully integrated into this single super tool. Along with all these great features you also get the legendary construction quality and materials that Swiss Army knives have become famous for throughout the world. The USB flash drive portion of the knife can easily be removed, for safe airline travel (and successful passage thru security).

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Eminem Music Used As U.S. Torture Device

New York-based Human Rights Watch has issued a report saying the United States operated a secret prison in Afghanistan and tortured detainees.

The report quoted an Ethiopian-born detainee as saying he was kept in a pitch-black prison and forced to listen to Eminem and Dr. Dre’s rap music for 20 days before the music was replaced by "horrible ghost laughter and Halloween sounds."

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Jail For Selling Hacked Xbox Consoles

The criminal complaint filed in federal court in Los Angeles on Monday named ACME Game Store co-owners Jason Jones, 34, and Jonathan Bryant, 44, as well as Pei "Patrick" Cai, 32.

During the investigation, undercover agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement paid $265 to have a modification chip, a hard drive and 77 pirated games installed on an Xbox, according to the criminal complaint.

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Monday, December 19, 2005

Mullet Wigs - The Original Mullet Wig

Its the Original Mullet Wig! The Landscaper Mullet Wig (a.k.a. The Ape Drape) is generally darker, thicker, and out of control in the back. This style conforms to the Mullet criteria which is short on the top and sides, long and wavy in the back. Hence the term "Business in the front, party in the back." Fully Adjustable! (Mullet Wig - The Trash)

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iPod Ear Buds Cause Hearing Loss?

It might be "cool" to listen to music on an iPod or MP3 player, with ear buds plugged directly into the ears But Dean Garstecki, a Northwestern University audiologist, warns that these ear buds might increase the risk of hearing loss.

As solution to the problem, Garstecki recommends use of muff-type ear phones associated with older devices, as against the ear buds preferred by music fans today. He also suggests lowering of volume levels while listening to music. Another option is to use noise-cancelling headphones, which eliminate background noise unlike ear buds.

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End Nears for Mac Version of IE

Microsoft has advised Mac users of Internet Explorer (IE) to switch to rival browsers such as Apple's Safari.

Microsoft has advised Mac users of Internet Explorer (IE) to switch to rival browsers such as Apple's Safari.

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Xbox 360 Scalpers Robbed

Someone who also wanted an Xbox 360 and who apparently saw them trying to sell the consoles outside Best Buy followed them to McDonald's. A man who was described as bald and wearing blue jeans and a blue hooded sweatshirt walked up to the van, opened its sliding door and pulled a gun out, police said. The man ordered the teen to open the van's rear door. Another man, described as having dark curly hair, opened the door and took four of the Xbox 360's.

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Girls with Network Equipment

Routers are specialized computers that send your messages and those of every other Internet user speeding to their destinations along thousands of pathways. In this article, we'll look at how these behind-the-scenes machines make the Internet work.

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Latte Art - Starbucks Special

Like a latte, only much more foam; normally half milk half foam, unless "wet" or "dry" is specified (see below). This is also not sweetened, and an "iced cappuccino" doesn't really exist at Starbucks. Since iced drinks are made without foam, an iced cappuccino is the same as an iced latte.

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The Forbes Fictional Fifteen Most Richest People

If fiction can be regarded as a culture's subconscious, then it's clear that we are a nation obsessed with the very rich. From avaricious caricatures like The Simpsons' Montgomery Burns to literary character studies like F. Scott Fitzgerald's Jay Gatsby, our culture--both high and low--is littered with images of billionaires and tycoons.

1. Santa Claus $ ∞
2. Richie Rich 24.7 billion
3. Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks 10 billion
4. Scrooge McDuck 8.2 billion
5. Thurston Howell III 8 billion
6. Willie Wonka 8 billion
7. Bruce Wayne 6.3 billion
8. Lex Luthor 4.7 billion
9. J.R. Ewing 2.8 billion
10. Auric Goldfinger 1.2 billion
11. C. Montgomery Burns 1 billion
12. Charles Foster Kane 1 billion
13. Cruella De Vil 875 million
14. Gordon Gekko 650 million
15. Jay Gatsby 600 million

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Carmen Electra Paloma Cocktail $950

Carmen Electra holds the 'Electra Paloma' cocktail at a bar in Los Angeles. A jeweler turned drink designer has made a splash in the Chicago bar scene with a new cocktail that costs a whopping 950 dollars.

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Time Names Bill Gates, Bono ‘Persons of 2005’

The richest man in the world, Bill Gates, and his wife, Melinda, were named Time magazine’s “Persons of the Year” along with Irish rocker Bono for being “Good Samaritans” who made a difference in different ways.

“For being shrewd about doing good, for rewiring politics and re-engineering justice, for making mercy smarter and hope strategic and then daring the rest of us to follow, Bill and Melinda Gates and Bono are Time’s Persons of the Year,” the magazine said in its Dec. 19 issue, made public on Sunday.

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Israeli Brides Leave Bras for Rabbi

Bras are strung together on a line. Hundreds of young Israeli women hoping to find themselves a husband have been placing their underwear on the tomb of a venerated rabbi in the hopes that their marriage prayers will be answered.

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Broken-Hearted Leaves Diamond Ring in Car

An anonymous gift-giver left a $15,000 diamond engagement ring to the owner of an unlocked car in western Massachusetts with a typed note hinting at a broken heart.

"Merry Christmas. Thank you for leaving your car door unlocked. Instead of stealing your car I gave you a present. Hopefully this will land in the hands of someone you love, for my love is gone now. Merry Christmas to you," the note said.

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Secret of Mona Lisa's Smile Revealed at Last

Now it's official: Mona Lisa was 83 percent happy, nine percent disgusted, six percent fearful and two percent angry.

That's the conclusion of a University of Amsterdam computer that applied "emotion-recognition software" to Leonardo da Vinci's work, the British weekly New Scientist reports in next Saturday's issue.

The algorithm, developed in conjunction with the University of Illinois, tries to assess the human mood by examining key features such as the curvature of the lips and crinkles around the eyes, then makes a score with respect to six basic emotions.

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The Flimsiest Clock in the World

A Japanese watchmaker said it had created the world's first flexible digital clock which is as thin as camera film and can be bent around the curve of a wall.

The clock is only three millimeters (0.12 inches) thick and offers better visibility from sharp angles and in poor visibility or high sunlight than existing models, Citizen Watch said Thursday.

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Check Your eBay Account

When I tried explaining it to live help the second time, they told me i wasn't really on the my ebay page for somebody else, so I told them the other person's total sales, total auctions, etc, stuff you would only know if you really were there, and I think they finally believed me and gave me a link to Trust and Safety.

I listed an item, then went to list another and there was the login with someone else's ID. So I clicked on My Ebay and there was another ID. I closed out the net and started over. Same thing. I had to type in my ID instead and it came up OK. Then after I listed, it started all over again--another different ID. I've had 5 different ones pop up. Why does Ebay always blame us?

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Yorkshire Pudding Grandma's Secret Recipe

Well if you looking to make the best yorkshire on the planet, you've found the right place. Don't look any further for the best yorkshire pudding recipe on the net. This is the Dowling Family secret yorkshire recipe....Enjoy.

Yorkshire Pudding

4 eggs
1 cup of milk
3/4 cup of flour
1/2 teaspoon of salt

Now combine well-beaten egg and milk; beat till light. Gradually beat in sifted flour and salt; beat till extra smooth.

The most important thing in making your yorkshire is to make sure that the batter is cold. So make the batter in the morning and leave it in the fridge. Or for the lazy folk, throw er in the freezer for a 1/2 hour, before baking time.

Temp: Pre-Heat 450º F Time: 30 Minutes

1) Grease pans with cooking oil (leave 5-10ml of oil in each yorkshire cup) , and put only the " pan " with oil in oven until the pan is hot. - 5min.

2) Take hot pan out of oven and pour an even amount of batter into each yorkshire cup in the hot pan.

3) Put pan back into oven with batter.

4) Reduce oven temp to 350 and slowly decrease oven temp through the duration of the cooking time. 350-300-275-250 and stop at 200. - Every 6 Minutes.

5) Pull the yorkshire from the oven when they look crispy. Do not open the oven door to check, this will result in flat ugly looking yorkshire. Always use the oven window.

Grandma's Yorkshire Recipe makes 12.

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Winter and Christmas Themed Pinup Girls

Holiday themed pinups to get you in the mood.

Winter and Christmas Themed Pinup Girls

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Britney Spears Honeymoon Photos on eBay

Opening bids start at $3000! - Very private photos of Britney and Kevin Federline on their honeymoon in Fiji. A true must have for Britney and Kevin fans. No photo copies, 80 real pics on CD.

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Scared of Santa Photo Gallery

Nothing says Happy Holidays like a photo of little toddlers screaming at Santa. The first 25 photos in this gallery are from the Chicago Tribune's "Scared of Santa" contest.

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Printable Gift Tags - Download

Printable Gift Tags T-Shirt Hell

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Tampon Crafts for Christmas

Your period comes every month, but Xmas comes only once a year. So bring that menstrual joy to this holiday season with these tampon tree decorations. From a string of tampon lights to a star at the top of the tree, feminine hygiene has never been so festive!

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NBC Cuts Pamela Anderson Pole Dance Video

Pamela Anderson and pole dancing proved too hot for NBC, which dropped a number featuring the actress in a sexy big-screen video from an Elton John special.

Pamela Anderson Pole Dancing Video

"Elton John: The Red Piano," a Las Vegas extravaganza taped at Caesars Palace, aired Monday night without the segment in which John sang "The Bitch is Back" while an oversized screen behind him displayed a scantily clad Anderson.

The actress moved suggestively around a dance pole in the number, which was included in preview copies sent out to critics. After an assessment by its standards and practices department the network decided the material didn't mesh with the time slot.

Watch Pamela Anderson Video

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MTV Snubs Apple iTunes and Links to Microsoft

MUSIC VIDEO station MTV has decided not to use Apple's iTunes technology for its new online music business and is opting for Microsoft's Media Player software.

MTV wants to create a utopian music community that keeps subscribers coming back, he said. Media Player does not work with Snapple's eyePod, so if URGE does take off it could damage the player's successful run.

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Man Dates Mom on Internet for Six Months

Daniel Anceneaux chatted up a potential girlfriend on the Internet for six months before proposing they meet for a secluded beach encounter. Turned out the women of his dreams was his mother!

Milf & Cookies

"I walked out on that dark beach thinking I was going to hook up with the girl of my dreams," the rattled bachelor later admitted. "And there she was, wearing white shorts and a pink tank top, just like she'd said she would. But when I got close, she turned around -- and we both got the shock of our lives. I mean, I didn't know what to say. All I could think was, 'Oh my God! it's Mama!'"

Daniel admits he and his mother could do little but stammer and stutter around each other for days after their cyberspace exploits came to light. And his father Paul -- Nicole's husband of 27 years -- wasn't too happy when the story hit the news and his beer-drinking buddies made him the butt of their jokes.

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New Divx 6.1 Codec - Download

There is a new DivX 6.1 Codec out now for all of you interested. The new codec brings support for HT, SMP, Dual Core, and Dual Core + HT processors to the table and some pretty significant performance boosts. Download it if you want it, try it if you haven’t.

According to our benchmarks, even a modest single CPU will run anywhere from 14 to 80% faster than the 6.0 codec depending on the quality mode selected. At the same time, brand new support for HT, SMP, Dual Core, and Dual Core + HT CPUs allows for gains of up to 300%!


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Thursday, December 15, 2005

MoPo | Gift Guide Christmas 2005

Virtual Reality Snowboard Simulator
Monster iCar Play Wireless Plus for Nano

iPod Alarm Clock Radio - iPod Nano iHome iH5
Wrist Watch TV
Bose Sound Dock Digital Music Speakers iPod
Ms. Claus Sexy Christmas Dress

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MoPo | Forum Video Compilation

Get the Whole Thing - Video
Victoria's Secret 2005 Christmas Special - Video

Blonde Star Advisor - Video
Fox News Takes on Canada - Video

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Pimp My Dump Truck

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Acura Integra - Only Rolled Once Buy it Now

1999 Acura Integra - Very Clean, only rolled once, less than 60K. Engine/Trans.Rear-End/Interior all good shape. AM/FM/CD $3500 OBO.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

World Wide Web - Internet Turns 15 Years Old

The World Wide Web turns 15 today and CNN is taking a trip down memory lane with the top 10 web moments. No mention of porn, viruses or spam…I kinda thought that those things would’ve made the list somewhere.

In 1990, Tim Berners-Lee launched the World Wide Web, a multimedia branch of the Internet. With Berners-Lee's "http protocol," computer jockeys the world over began making the Net easier to use with point-and-click programs.


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Newly Bankrupt Raking In Piles of Credit Offers

As one of more than two million Americans who rushed to a courthouse this year to file for bankruptcy before a tough new law took effect, Laura Fogle is glad for her chance at a fresh start.

"Every day, I get at least two or three new credit card offers - Citibank, MasterCard, you name it - they want to give me a credit card, at pretty high interest rates," said Ms. Fogle, who is 41 and lives here. "I've got a stack of these things on my table. It's tempting, but I've sworn them off."

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Interesting USB Memory Thumb Drives - Fun

Sushi Shrimp Donut USB Pen Drives

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Average Xbox 360 Sale On eBay Tops $700

The small supply and large demand moved many to "flip" their Xbox 360 purchases on eBay. During the week of Nov. 22 through Nov. 28, each successful Xbox listing on eBay garnered an average of 19 bids, and sold at an average price of $718.

Since Nov. 28, said Terapeak, the average number of bids and the selling price have both dropped slightly, to 15 and $702, respectively. The suggested retail price of the Xbox is either $299 or $399, depending on the model.

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Big Brains 2006 Calendar - Beckman

Tap into some of the best minds on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus with a 2006 calendar produced by the Beckman Institute.

It’s a uniquely U of I product – from the artistically enhanced brain scans of our students, faculty, staff, and administrators to the magnetic resonance imaging technology developed by Nobel Prize winner Paul Lauterbur used to create those scans -- the calendar is about the characteristics that make us a powerful presence. Explanations of various brain functions correlated to each individual underscore the interdisciplinary nature of the Beckman Institute and the myriad ways that cutting-edge technology at the U of I is benefiting people around the world.

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Tombstone Generator - MoPo Shared Hosting

Generate Your Own Tombstone

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Virtual Reality Snowboarding Simulator

Break speed records on a snowboard or skateboard without breaking a bone. Children steer by shifting their balance on the board base, while the virtual reality screen inside their headset translates their motions into daring maneuvers on a thrilling racecourse.

Snowboarders ride snow banks under snow-capped peaks, while skateboarders leap obstacles on a street course. The headset is wireless for complete mobility, and it delivers incredible sound effects and true-to-life, full-color, three-dimensional graphics. Additional features include multi-level play, volume control and automatic scoring and timekeeping.

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Monster iCarPlay Wireless Plus for iPod Nano

Play your iTunes wirelessly through any FM station (Excluding 87.7 MHz and 87.9 MHz. Clarity of reception may vary) on your car radio while charging your iPod. Features 3 programmable “favorite station” preset buttons and easy-to-read, dimmable LED display; full FM tuning capability for clear sound just about anywhere and Smart Digital Charging for fast charges and maximum battery life.

Monster iPod iCar Play

• Full FM tuning capability for clear sound anywhere
• Smart Digital Charging for fast charges; maximizes battery life
• Digital FM tuner with programmable station presets
• For iPods with Dock Connector (including iPod Nano Video)

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Dominick The Donkey - Italian Chrsitmas Donkey

Ode to Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey!

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Hacker Tries To Sell Excel Flaw On eBay

An unknown security researcher tried to sell a vulnerability in Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet program on eBay, but the online auction site pulled the listing late Thursday.

The unusual route to vulnerability profit-taking was squashed by eBay after the listing--offered by someone only identified as "fearwall"--was bid up to just under $60.

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Cost of an Expensive 12 Days of Christmas

The price tag of the shopping list laid out in the classic holiday song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" is sharply higher this year, hit by such modern-day woes as higher energy and gold prices and concerns about the avian flu, according to an annual survey unveiled Monday.

Some presents will be difficult to get at any price this year. The threat of avian flu has restricted the international shipment of birds, thus preventing the purchase of three French hens from France, although there are domestic breeders of French hens which helped keep that gift's cost in line. But all the fowl mentioned in the song cost substantially more this year due to the increased delivery costs from higher energy prices.

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Friday, December 09, 2005

Learn How to Speak Leet Like Cyber Freak

The first things to learn about being l33t are the basic substitutions. Let's have a look at them. First and foremost, the most common letter used in English is 'E'. The l33t version of this is, of course, 3. Remember to use the letter 3 as often as possible.

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American War Propaganda Posters

American War Posters

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Tookie Williams Clemency Countdown

With his execution scheduled for Tuesday, his attorneys have made their final appeals. Now, Crips co-founder and convicted murderer Stanley Tookie Williams must wait on death row to find out if Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will spare his life.

Attorneys for Williams, who helped create the Crips street gang, met for about an hour with Schwarzenegger on Thursday to appeal for his clemency, a decision the governor could make at the 11th hour. Attorneys on both sides were reticent about the meeting.

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Dear Jennifer Anniston's Boobies

Hi. I'm sorry to be writing to you about this, as you clearly have enough personal problems to be dealing with these days. But we need to chat.

I just saw your picture on the front of GQ's current issue. Quite a racy little picture there, isn't it, Miss Boobalicious? I, too, am a fan of provocative statements. But the appearance of your boob has me a little concerned.

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San Francisco Cohen Cop Police Video Spoof

The video spoofs were shot over more than a year by Officer Andrew Cohen. Most of the officers involved, including a captain, worked at the Bayview Station in the city’s roughest section, an industrial area with a large minority population and high crime rate.

Up to 20 San Francisco police officers have been suspended without pay over a collection of spoof videos parodying life on the force that were made for a Christmas party. Mayor Gavin Newsom said that the videos feature uniformed and plainclothed officers making fun of Asians, blacks, women and gay and transgender people.

One video shows a thickset black policeman stopping a curvaceous blonde woman for a traffic violation and making her get out of the car so he can look her over. Another shows a traffic policeman running over a homeless black woman while he talks about his work.

Another shows two officers sitting in their car reading the newspaper - and then getting out to do their Tai Chi exercises - instead of responding to a steady stream of emergency calls over the radio.

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The Female Form In Gaming - TA

Admittedly, T and A is still the standard for female images and skins in game. However, the image-selection process, and the greater assimilation of women into the gaming industry, enables women to take a more aggressive role in the images they see in the media. It is hopeful that, in the near future, we will not be forced to accept only man’s ideal of beauty.

Heidi Klum Female Gamer
Heidi Klum

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Support the Children - End Mullets Now

Help End Childhood Mullets

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Washroom Wallpaper - Chinook Centre

What is she looking at?

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Unintentional Found PrOn - Book

You think you found some unintentional pRoN - Share it with us

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Precisely Who Qualifies as a Baby Boomer?

A baby boomer is someone who was born after soldiers of the Second World War had come home and up to eighteen years later, so the period differs in some countries. In the US and Canada, 20 million babies were born during the boom between 1946 and 1964. North America's first baby boomer, Kathleen Casey Wilkens, was born in Philadelphia one second after midnight on January 1,1946.

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Microsoft's CEO Shop Around for his Xbox 360

Microsoft Corp.'s Chief Executive Steve Ballmer will have to shop around for an Xbox 360 game console this holiday season just like the rest of us -- it doesn't come with his job.

"The Ballmer children do not have their Xbox 360 yet. I'm in the same boat as many of you," Ballmer said. "Thanks to the wonders of Sarbanes-Oxley, management does not get a free Xbox 360," he quipped at a meeting of technology industry executives.

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Ten Reasons to Drink During the Holidays

There are many reasons why alcoholic intake escalates during this season. Partly, this is due to the convivial air that pervades the run-up to the New Year. Companies throw office parties. Families come together over magnificent feasts. Old friends come to town. The streets are lit with festive lights and stores are filled with wonderful things to buy or eat.

• You can tolerate your in-laws
• Beer goggles -- who said the holidays have to be lonely?
• Why eat your calories when you can drink them?
• You give the best gift...alcohol
• New Year's resolutions seem attainable when you're drunk
• You love everyone...and everyone loves you
• Be the funny guy at the party
• Drinking in winter means staying warm...or at least feeling like you are
• You bring spirit to the occasion, literally
• The holidays go by much quicker

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Skateboarding Ollie Creator Suing For $20 Million

The creator of an aerial skateboarding move known as ollie is suing several companies, including Disney and Sega, over the use of the word.

Alan "Ollie" Gelfand, 42, says the companies infringed on trademarking rights. He is seeking more than $20 million in damages."I'm just a skateboarder," Gelfand said. "I'm not a huge, mega corporation . . . yet."

Gelfand's lawsuit was sent back to Broward Circuit Court from federal court last month. Sega Corp. sells a skateboarding arcade game called Ollie King for $9,779.99. Then there's Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure video game.

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Angelina Jolie Shot by Mathew Rolstron

Angelina Jolie

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Canadian iPod Canada iPod Levy Refund

If you purchased an iPod or iPod mini in Canada between December 13, 2003 and December 21, 2004, you may be eligible for a refund of the Canadian Private Copying levy that was applied to the iPod purchase price.

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Paris Hilton Display Heats Up Neighborhood

Joseph Moretti made Paris Hilton the center of his display this year. He said he met the Hilton heiress and was impressed with how nice she was.

Some people who live nearby aren't impressed with how little she's wearing in some of the photos on Moretti's front lawn. But some other residents told NBC 10 it doesn't bother them at all.

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Who are the 10 Richest Canadians?

To make this year's list, a Canadian citizen would have to have a net worth of $366 million. The list includes 40 billionaires, up from 36 in 2004.

The seventh annual list compiled by Canadian Business magazine has distinct lack of star power, with Twain, Jim Carrey, Keanu Reeves and Celine Dion all failing to make the lineup.

1. Ken Thomson, 82, $22.16 billion (information distribution)
2. Galen Weston, 65, $9.28 billion (bakery, grocery, retail)
3. James, 76; Arthur, 74; and John 73, Irving; $5.36 billion
4. Jeff Skoll, 49, $5.07 billion (eBay founder).
5. Jim Pattison, 77, $4.5 billion (diversified).

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French Lesbians Belgian Border to have Babies

French lesbians have been crossing the border to Belgium in search of medical procedures to get pregnant, which are denied in France, creating a new sort of baby boom at Belgian fertility clinics.

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Taxi Driver Bites Off Customer's Fingertip

A taxi driver in Denmark bit off the tip of a 48-year-old man's finger in a brawl over how many people could fit in the cab, police said Monday.

The dispute started early Sunday morning, when a group of five men hailed a taxi in downtown Odense, a city in central Denmark.

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Microsoft Xbox 360 SOLID Gold Face Plate

Up for auction is this one of a kind poor man's xbox 360 faceplate from a private seller who wishes to remain anonymous. As with anyone who has too much money than they know what to do with, he wishes to remain anonymous and avoid any questions concerning investments, loans, or other solicitations.

This is a pure 999.9 solid gold "bar" that has been cast into the shape of a functional xbox 360 faceplate. The IR receiver, ports, and buttons are all functional! Half of the pictures show the plate by itself and the other half of pictures show the face with the buttons and port covers in place. Again, this is functional and will mount onto an xbox 360 console. The weight of the gold by itself is approximately 900 grams. The faceplate is immaculate with no scratches- mint condition! (no pun intended) The pictures do not do this item any justice. Truly a must see... and have!

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iPod Nano Mod | 200GB

Note that this set of instructions will not work with the black iPod Nano. Be sure to ask your retailer which model iPod Nano you are receiving prior to shipment. As well as not working with the black iPod Nano, this will also not work with the 4 GB iPod Nano so check the version and space before doing any modification to the iPod.

Note that the 200 GB capacity enables you to store about 50 000 pieces of music. If this capacity is filled with illegal "warez" mp3s, you can be fined up to 75 000 USD. (204 800 megabytes, 4 megabytes per song, 10 songs per CD, average CD price illegally fixed at 15 USD)

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Girls Crazy for Harry Potter's Broomstick

Harry Potter

A toy firm has axed a vibrating replica of Harry Potter's broomstick after mums complained their daughters spent too long riding it. Makers Mattel advertised the battery operated toy as having " a grooved stick and handle for easy riding"

One mom in New Jersey, said "What were they thinking of?" Another in Ohio told how her 12 year old daughter played with the broom stick for hours. She said "She likes the special effects - so does her 17 year old sister."

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Suit Supply Advertisement

Advertisement for a Suit Supply Company Netherlands

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Don't Squint While you Read This

People who squint while staring at computer screens also blink less than normal, which dries and irritates their eyes, researchers said this week.

A study of 10 college students showed that the more they squinted, the less they blinked, the team at Ohio State University said. The less they blinked, the more their eyes ached or burned, said James Sheedy, a professor of optometry who led the study.

All the students had perfect vision, and just a small amount of squinting reduced blink rates from 15 blinks a minute to 7.5 blinks a minute, Sheedy and colleagues reported in the journal Optometry and Vision Science.

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iPod Alarm Clock Radio - iPod Nano iHome iH5

Typical bedside clock radios have limited features and a single tinned speaker, but this device has a stereo speaker system that projects clear sound at low and high volumes alike, and it houses and charges your iPod, allowing you to playback your entire music catalog at bedside.

iHome iPod Clock Radio W/ Alarm

Two strontium-ferrite speakers have increased audio sensitivity for clearer highs, a richer midrange, and fuller bass. The docking station can accommodate any size iPod, including photo and mini models (a special jack and patch cord allow connection with non-docking iPods, CD players, or other MP3 devices).

Your docked iPod recharges automatically, and can be used while charging. The alarm can be set to wake up to a song from your iPod, and the unit also has a buil t-in AM/FM radio, a classic buzzer, and snooze. You can also set the clock radio to play for a set time before shutting off. Automatic reactivation resets the alarm for the same time the next day (can be turned off if desired), and the time is set simply by selecting your time zone with the touch of a button (includes 12-year calendar). The easy-to-read display has a one-touch backlight.

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More On The Xbox 360 Defective Lawsuit

A Chicago man has filed a class action complaint against Microsoft claiming the company knowingly distributed defective Xbox game consoles in its hurry to beat rivals to market with a next-generation gaming product.

A complaint filed in a U.S. District Court in Illinois by Robert E. Byers alleges that Microsoft designed a power supply and a CPU into the Xbox 360 that run too hot and overheat, causing the console to freeze or lock up when being operated. The design defect is "material" because "it renders the Xbox 360 game consoles completely inoperable," according to court documents filed December 2.

According to Byers' complaint, Microsoft made the Xbox 360 available to consumers before it was properly designed in order to release the console before companies such as Sony and Nintendo made competitive products available. Therefore, he said, the company has profited from deceiving consumers into buying a faulty product.

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Monday, December 05, 2005

How Much Weight Do People Gain Over Christmas?

In the Middle Ages, Christmas banquets started at three in the afternoon, with appetizers and fortified mulled wine followed by ten main courses, and lasted until midnight. Today, over the holidays, North Americans consume 24 million turkeys and 112 million cans of cranberries. We drink 108 million quarts of eggnog and 89 million gallons of liquor. The average weight gain over Christmas holidays is four to six pounds.

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Jennifer Aniston Warns Topless Photos

Lawyers for Jennifer Aniston have warned publications that they will face an invasion of privacy lawsuit if they print topless photos of the actress taken recently while she was apparently sunbathing at her Los Angeles home.

Aniston Jennifer

In a blistering letter sent to celebrity magazines, attorney John Lavely wrote that the publication of photographs "showing [Aniston] topless or in the act of taking off or putting on her top" would expose those titles to "substantial monetary damages."

In his December 3 letter, Lavely wrote that the topless photos were taken by paparazzo Peter Brandt, who allegedly used a "powerful telephoto lens" from a perch more than a mile away from Aniston's home

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Instant Millions | Money Can't by Happiness

For Mack W. Metcalf and his estranged second wife, Virginia G. Merida, sharing a $34 million lottery jackpot in 2000 meant escaping poverty at breakneck speed.

McLaren-Mercedes SLR

Years of blue-collar struggle and ramshackle apartment life gave way almost overnight to limitless leisure, big houses and lavish toys. Mr. Metcalf bought a Mount Vernon-like estate in southern Kentucky, stocking it with horses and vintage cars. Ms. Merida bought a Mercedes-Benz and a modernistic mansion overlooking the Ohio River, surrounding herself with stray cats.
"Any problems people have, money magnifies it so much, it's unbelievable," said Robert Merida, one of Ms. Merida's three brothers.

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Sony Rootkit Spyware Timeline

Next, we’ll take a look at the full timeline of the issue, once again showing that Sony had a nice heads up about the problem.

"If [Sony] had woken up and smelled the coffee when we told them there was a problem, they could have avoided this trouble," says Mikko H. Hypponen, F-Secure's director of antivirus research.

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Saturday, December 03, 2005

How to Make a Cheap Flat Screen TV

Cheap Flat Screen TV

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Bling Nintendo Game Boy Gold Diamond $25000

Manufactured By Aspreys Of London. Totally Unique Unbelievable Conversation Piece. Pave Diamond Set On Display Screen Diamonds Set On/Off Buttons Exceptionally Heavy - Solid 18K Yellow Gold Original Cables And Extra Game Cartridges Original Blue Leather Display Briefcase. This is only for someone who is interested in some serious bling.

Gamboy Bling

The most perverse thing about this is that handhelds are as ephemeral as they come; this is like a $25,000 roll of toilet paper.


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Why Do We Call New York The Big Apple ?

During the 1940s, Robert Emmerich, who played piano in the Tommy Dorsey Band, wrote an obscure song called " The Big Apple." It was soon forgotten by everyone except reporter Walter Winchell, who like it so much that in his daily column and on the air he began referring to his beat, New York City, as "The Big Apple," and soon, even though Emmerich's song was long forgotten, its title became the great city's nickname.

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Best Buy 'Hacker' Loses in Court

Thomas Eli Ray was convicted of attempting to extort $2.5 million from Best Buy by threatening to exploit a breach in its computer security. He appealed the conviction, saying someone else sent the e-mails.

Best Buy received a series of e-mail messages in October 2003 demanding $2.5 million to prevent its computers from being trashed. The company called the FBI.

Federal agents traced the e-mail messages to three different accounts, one belonging to Ray. They also found portions of three of the extortion letters on his computer, and its logs indicated that Ray had been using the machine at the time the e-mail messages were sent. Finally, the FBI argued, Ray had the knowledge necessary to handle the clandestine monetary transactions, had he been successful.

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iTunes Video Sales Double Apple New Content

Despite the lack of a large video library, Apple's iTunes video sales have more than doubled since the company announced its 1 millionth video sale, according to one analyst.

The iPod maker is also reportedly planning a major update to its video services, including the addition of several new content partners, for a high-profile launch that could come as early as January.

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Friday, December 02, 2005

MoPo Forum | Extreme Video Edition

Once in a Lifetime Video of a Girl Dancing in a Club - Video
Paris Hilton Screwing by the Pool - Photo

Banned Microsoft Xbox 360 Commercial Ad - Video
NSFW - Unneccesary Censorship - Video
Jump Rope W/ Three Girls - Video
NSFW - Live Streaker - Caught On Video
NSFW - GODaddy Web Comercial- Video
iPod Girl Photo Collection - Submit Pictures Win iPod Nano

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The Joy of Winter in Canada

A view of the side street

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Wristwatch Television | TV Set on Your Watch

This rather diminutive wristwatch television produces a clear and vibrant picture so that you can watch your favorite programs or the big game when you are away from home.

Wrist Watch Television TV Set on Your Watch

The digital display has Thin Film Transistor technology that captures a crisp, clear 280 x 220 resolution color picture heretofore not thought possible on such a small (1 1/2") screen. The digital display shows time and date, and our exclusive set includes everything (including a travel case) to enjoy the television at home, work, or on the go.

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Bose Sound Dock Digital Music Speakers iPod

This slim, powerful Bose SoundDock digital music system allows you to play your iPod in your home or office with acclaimed Bose sound, and theres no need for headphones or extra cables. The built-in stereo speakers produce vibrant, concert-quality sound when any iPod with a dock connector is placed on the dock, and the system comes with a remote control to manage basic iPod functions without leaving your chair.

Bose SoundDock Digital Music System for iPod

Active electronic equalization fine-tunes the output of all sound frequencies for natural tone balancing and clarity, and the patented integrated signal processing fills the room with rich, lifelike performance no matter the volume. The space-saving SoundDock also charges your iPod, whether in use or turned off, and the shielded speakers allow you to place the unit near televisions or computers without interference.

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PETA New Ad Your Daddy Kills Animals Comic

PETA is distributing leaflets that show an angry cartoon father figure ripping apart a fish. Plastered over the picture in big letters, it says, "Your Daddy Kills Animals."

On Tuesday, Carlson welcomed Bruce Friedrich, PETA's director of farmed animal campaigns to as he said, "defend the indefensible."

Here is an excerpt from an interview between MSNBC's Tucker Carlson & Bruce Friedrich representing PETA.

Tucker, fish feel pain in the same way as dogs and cats. Impaling them on hook supports cruelty to animals, and it's not justifiable. Additionally, eating fish rots your brain. The Environmental Protection Agency says that if you eat fish as few as two times...

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More Xbox 360s Available This Weekend

Microsoft has told the retail channel top expect more supplies on a weekly basis, although further details have not been released.

Paris Hilton managed to get her hands on a Xbox 360

A company spokesperson has said that new supplies would arrive "for the weekend".It seems even the biggest retailers are in the dark. Speaking to USA Today, Circuit City's Jim Babb said, "We knew demand would outstrip supply for some time. I have been told we'll get additional supplies, so I can only advise customers keep checking back with stores and on the website."

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ms. Claus Mini Dress Adult Christmas Costume

When the weather outside is frightful... this outfit can make sure inside will be delightful! Includes a red velvet mini dress with thin straps and white plush trim. All he'll want for Christmas is you!

Available in adult sizes S/M and M/L.

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I Hate Clowns

There are people in this world who dress up and act like clowns; I don't like these people. I am not clownophobic (or to be politically /scientifically correct, coulrophobic). I do not fear clowns. Really. I don't. They are just not nice people. They scare little kids, they cause neurosis in some adults, they have big floppy feet, they try to fit too many of their kind in a car, I could go on and on.

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Lamer to Gamer in 10 Easy Steps

1. Deride everyone you just sucked up to in the local electronics store

Remember, you're now an expert and experts never ask for help in PC World under any circumstances. At the first opportunity, when approached by an enthusiastic employee who asks "Can I help you?", scoff contemptuously and say "I don't think so" whilst wandering over to the individual components section. When he's not looking you can shuffle over to the Photo Paper and budget games.

Clearly PC World cottoned onto the so called 'experts' by actually stocking components and modding equipment, so if you feel out of your depth stroll over to Dixons (pick one where you didn't get your Packard Bell from) and hassle the 18-year old computing guy by asking if they sell SATA Hard Disk drives. (It doesn't matter you don't know what they are, he won't either) When he begins to flounder, let him off the hook by asking for what you're really after (probably a CD Case for 10 discs) under the pretense of it being a present for your nephew.

2. Never ever buy novelty computer products

No-one who has any PC experience owns any of the following:
Homer Simpson Mousemat
A mouse-holder that sticks on the side of your monitor
A CD-Case for anything less than 300 discs
New Floppy Disks (Any floppy disks must be at least 10 years old)
Screen Wipes (Toilet paper and spit)
USB Card reader in the shape of any Disney Character
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Wrist Rest
Monitor Stands with trays for paper clips
Anything you see in the inserts inside 'What's On TV'
Anything under £15 which says 'Revolutionary' on the box.

5. Never use any screen resolution under 1280x960

1024x768 makes you look like you just bought your PC, 800x600 makes you look like you got given your PC by someone else who upgraded. Never run in anything under 1280x960 and if possible 1600x1200. If you have a 15" CRT then still run it in 1280x, but use 60Hz and a magnifying glass. If you have a TFT with a native resolution of less, then go out and buy another one, two screens is hardcore enough to make up for it.

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Police Nab Naked 'Bank Robbers'

Police in El Salvador say they have exposed a planned bank heist after finding two naked would-be robbers digging a tunnel towards the vault. The two men, covered in nothing but dust, were caught after part of the tunnel collapsed, leaving a gaping hole in the street near the bank.

The pair - identified as Miguel Angel Crespin, 22, and Rafael Alberto Cerna, 18 - are to be charged with robbery, the police commissioner said. Police spokesman Carlos Rugamas said the tunnel stretched for 75m (246ft).

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Microsoft Offers Windows Vista Preview

Microsoft Corp. is releasing preview versions of its new Windows Vista operating system about once a month in an effort to get more customer feedback than usual ahead of next year's launch, the company said Tuesday.

The world's largest software maker also reiterated its plan to launch Vista in the second half of 2006, five years after the release of its current version, Windows XP.

It is the longest gap ever between major launches of Microsoft's core Windows product, the company's cash cow that accounts for more than a quarter of its $40 billion in annual revenue.

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No Decision On .XXX Domain

Not sure what the hold up is, this is a win/win for everyone involved. Mom and Pops can block all .xxx domains and keep little Jr. safe, everyone else knows where to go for the .xxx content. No more misleading domain names that lead to porn sites either, you see the .xxx and you know where you are heading. Oh well, hopefully the get this all figured out soon.

The .xxx domain -- which would be like the .com or .net at the end of an Internet address -- has been pitched by ICM Registry Inc., a private company that has said it could run it as sort of an online red-light district that would enable people to easily find pornography on the Web, or filter it out.


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