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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cindy Kienow's $10,000 Tip on $26 Tab

Two weeks ago, one of Cindy Kienow's regular customers left her a $100 tip on a tab that wasn't even half that. This week, he added a couple of zeros. Kienow, a bartender at Applebee's, got a $10,000 tip from the man - for a $26 meal - on Sunday.

Kienow said the man, whom company officials have declined to name, comes in several times a month and eats at the end of the bar. He has always tipped well, she said, usually leaving $15 on a $30 tab.

Kienow said that while she always talks with the man when he comes in - usually about current events or the weather - she can't think of anything that would have prompted the huge tip.

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