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Friday, August 11, 2006

Jamie Gold's World Series of Poker Wins $12 Million

When Jamie Gold bluffed, his opponents folded. When he had the best hand, they threw in all their chips. With a run of cards, a huge chip stack and an uncanny knack for reading other players, Gold, a talkative former Hollywood talent agent, cajoled his way to victory Friday at the World Series of Poker for the $12 million grand prize.

Thirteen hours of no-limit Texas Hold 'em later, Gold and Wasicka were the last two players left when huge bundles of cash were deposited on the poker felt. But most of the chips already were on Gold's side of the table.

Gold eliminated six of the previous seven players himself, and his 79 million in chips covered a good corner. With 11.2 million in chips, Wasicka was badly overmatched.

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