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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

2007 Pinups For Pups Calendar | Sabina Kelly

Founder and President, Sondra Joy explains, “Our mission is to educate people about responsible pet ownership through our events and example. We will work hard to raise money and awareness for Animal rescue groups, to help them so that they can continue to rescue unwanted and abandoned animals, provide them with medical care, rehabilitation and foster homes until caring adoptive homes can be found.”

Featuring: Kitten de Ville and Bridget, Sabina Kelly and Bella, Amanda MacKay and Thrasher, Go-Go Amy and Turtle, Jillian Ann and Mimi, Miss Tayva and Bono, Sandee Betty and Lucky Jr, Sugar (Jessica Kiper) and Major P. Pants, Amity and Juanito, Lola Ford and Lula Bell, Kandie Caine and Sir Avalon, Arianna Rowley and Ava Blue!

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