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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Kelly Osbourne Wants to Pose For Playboy

Kelly Osbourne has told World Weekly that she would pose in Playboy, if asked: "I'd go fully nude, but I'd have to have some airbrushing on my tits." I can hardly imagine anyone spending actual money to buy a copy of Playboy to check out Kelly Osbourne.

If you want to save some cash and see an equivalent body, go to Seaworld and have a boo at some of the tank features. The only time I would even consider looking at Kelly Osbourne's massive glob of a body is if she was donkey punched unconscious by the entire offensive line of the New Orlean Saints. I'd rather see Ozzy Osbourne naked than look at Kelly Osbourne and her jiggly circus of gelatinous goth goop.

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