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Friday, February 16, 2007

Video | 8 Million Dollar Car Maybach Excelero

The Excelero project is actually a joint venture between Maybach and German tire manufacturer Fulda. Fulda has been making all sorts of high-performance rubber for almost a century, and is well known for using high-profile one-off vehicles to advertise itself.

Past vehicles include high-speed buses, special trucks and racing cars. Oh yeah, Fulda also once used a super streamlined Maybach to test high-speed tires (over 200 kph) way back in 1938.

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Though the original Maybach/Fulda car was lost during WW2, it is still remembered as one of Fulda's most beautiful test vehicles. Now that DaimlerChrysler resurrected the Maybach brand, Fulda felt that it was time to reintroduce a streamlined luxury supercar to the world. If you were able to figure out that the new luxury supercar is the Maybach Exelero you see here, give yourself a cookie.

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