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Friday, March 23, 2007

Folding@Home On Your PS3 Team 54595

Folding@home is fired up for a PS3 download today. We would like to see just how much damage that Cell processor could do to one of them work units. The app is a separate download from that of today's 1.6 firmware, though the update did land the Folding@home icon inside the "Network" section of the PS3 XMB menu without us having to do a thing.

The 50MB download took a few minutes, but after that we were up, running and crunching a work unit in no time. Sony predicted the average work unit would take an hour to complete, but ours says it's got a good 6-7 hours to go on its first unit, so we're not sure who's in error here, Sony or the prediction algorithm.

New team MoPo with number 54595 has been founded.

Any client program can contribute to the statistics for this team by putting the number 54595 in the team field (right-click to configure a client program)


Download your folding client here:


Leave your PS3 on for a good cause this Sunday night via

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