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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Culinary Solid Brass French Duck Press

This is the duck press, a culinary tool handcrafted from solid brass in Normandy, France and forged using a method developed over 100 years ago, and used in fine restaurants during the tableside preparation of Canard a la presse (pressed duck).

In the traditional restaurant preparation, waiters remove the breast and leg meat from a lightly roasted duck and place the duck bones in the bowl of the press. The handle is rotated clockwise and the juices and marrow are extracted from the bones and funneled to a saucier and combined with wine, brandy, aromatics, seasonings, and the duck meat.

The sauce is heated and reduced, resulting in a heady glaze that is served atop the duck breast and legs. The base of the unit sits on brass duck feet and th e large wheel is easy to grip and turn.

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