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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Are Apple Ads Hurting Microsoft's Brand?

So Microsoft, for no real discernable reason, slipped from number eleven to number fifty nine on some brand recognition list and now people are trying to say the “I’m a Mac” ads are responsible.

"The effect of Apple's 'Hi, I'm a Mac' advertising campaign may have taken its toll on Microsoft," CoreBrand CEO James Gregory said in a statement. "The launch of a series of new products, following a long, relatively dormant period, will be closely watched to see if it will have a positive impact on the Microsoft brand."

Ummm, what? If that were true, wouldn’t you think those very same ads that supposedly dropped MS almost 50 spots would have helped Apple in some way? The company didn’t even make the list. Why does Microsoft come in second only to Coca Cola when BusinessWeek conducted the same survey? Are we to believe that this company believes Americans are so stupid that Mac ads could sway their opinion? What do you think?

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