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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Get Paid to Post & Play Games on the MoPo Forum

We will pay you up to $0.01 for every new thread topic that you start and $0.005 for every topic reply that you make. You will also earn $0.002 every time someone replies to a thread that you have created. You can earn up to $1.00 for getting a high score in the arcade and you will also earn points for each game that you play.

There is no limit on the amount of money that you can make if you start a good topic that initiates other users to post a reply.

You can exchange 2000 MoPo points for $0.01 or 200,000 MoPo Points for $1. This positions our forum points system on par with other world currencies such as the Tanzanian Shilling.

You can currently exchange your points and mo-money for items in the MoPo forum store. Our current store inventory includes Playstation 3, MoPo T's, Freebords and boxes of KD for those times when you're feelin' a little hungry. We will add items as requested and offer cash payouts via Paypal.

Click here to join the 17,000 current MoPo forum members

Amount of points earned per new topic - 2000
Amount of bonus points earned per reply for topic author - 200
Amount of points earned per reply - 400
Amount of points earned per character typed - 1
Maximum amount of points earned for posting a reply - 1000
Amount of points earned per private message - 0
Amount of points earned Refer a Friend - 25000

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