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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Portable iPod® Video Enlarger And DVD Player

This is the portable DVD player that integrates with 5th Generation video iPod®s, allowing you to watch iPod® videos on a 8 1/2", 16:9 widescreen LCD that is 2 3/4 times larger than the iPod®s screen. Using active matrix technology, the LCD can redraw images faster than typical LCD monitors, resulting in a sharper, more detailed resolution.

An iPod® slides into the front of the video player and is protected by a clear plastic cover, and the dual headphone jacks allow two people to use the video player without disturbing fellow travelers. The device has an AV port for output to a television, charges an iPod® while in use, and has an on-screen menu display for quick set up. Rechargeable battery allows three hours of continuous DVD playback on a five-hour charge; four hours of iPod® video playback.

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