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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sony Portable e-Book Reader Paperless Paperback

Winner of the Popular Science Best of What's New award, this is the device that stores up to 160 electronic books and displays them on a patented screen that replicates the contrast of black ink on light-gray paper, resulting in high-contrast and a reading experience that is similar to a page in an actual book.

The 6" screen uses E-InkĀ® technology, an award-winning electronic paper that reflects light like ordinary loose-leaf and is capable of maintaining displayed text without drawing electricity. Unlike typical backlit LCDs, the screen will not cause eye fatigue and it is visible in direct sunlight, allowing for convenient use outdoors.

About the size of a paperback, but less than 1/2" thick, the unit only draws power when you press the page turn buttons, ensuring up to 7,500 page turns on a single charge, enough to read The Da Vinci Code 16 times before recharging is required. The device connects to a PC for purchasing and downloading electronic books from an online store with 20,000 titles, or digital texts can be uploaded using a memory card.

The unit has an integrated music player that is compatible with unencrypted MP3 and AAC formats, and it supports Word documents, Adobe PDFs, and JPEGs.

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