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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Waterproof Shower Pool iPod® Speaker System

This is the waterproof iPod® sound system that allows you to listen to music or watch videos while poolside, on a boat, or in a shower. The iPod® case has a snap closure and a silicone O-ring gasket that provide a perfect seal to thwart dirt, sand, and water seepage, and all iPod® click wheel controls are accessed through a rubber membrane on the face of the case.

Dual, 45 mm neodymium speakers generate crisp, clear sound with optimal tonal balance. The unit is precisely engineered using shatterproof polycarbonate and each corner is lined with rubberized guards, ensuring a shockproof home for your iPod®.

The wrist and shoulder carrying straps allow ease of portability, the integrated stand allows setup on a shower ledge or pool side, and if the unit falls into the water it will remain buoyant. Supports iPod® 4th generation Photo and 5th generation Video, Nano 1st and 2nd generation, and iPod® Mini.

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