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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Google's Lists of Most Popular Searches 2008

It was a year of surprising (and at times, it seemed, unending) twists and turns. Even as we endured the long roller coaster rides for the campaign season and economy, we found time to ponder some age-old questions and express our curiosity.

All of these searches had the largest volume on Google.com in the U.S.

It's the Economy ...

financial crisis
mortgage crisis
wall street
stock market
credit crisis
housing crisis

Fond Farewells

heath ledger
bernie mac
tim russert
isaac hayes
george carlin
brad renfro
randy pausch
paul newman
boyd coddington
michael crichton

Who is...

who is obama
who is mccain
who is palin
who is lil wayne
who is miley cyrus
who is dolla
who is jonas brothers
who is chris brown
who is biden
who is martin luther

What is...

what is love
what is life
what is java
what is sap
what is rss
what is scientology
what is autism
what is lupus
what is 3g
what is art

How to...

how to draw
how to kiss
how to write
how to cook
how to tie
how to hack
how to run
how to cite
how to paint
how to spell

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