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Monday, December 01, 2008

Limited German Lead Crystal Everest Globe

Crafted to honor the epic 1963 National Geographic Society-sponsored U.S. expedition to Mt. Everest, this is the 20" diameter Everest Globe entirely handmade of stemware-quality leaded crystal and considered by many to be the world's finest globe.

Only 250 of these globes exist, and no two are alike--each is painstakingly handcrafted in Germany's Lake Constance region by more than 20 artisans including glassblowers, woodworkers, brass engravers, girdlers, and inlayers.

The brilliant world-renowned National Geographic cartography on the two-sided map is composed of 24 separate layers of rich color and crisp detail that is applied to the crystal globe once the surface has cooled, then hand-lacquered to a polished shine. Inside the globe is a 60-watt bulb controlled by an on/off foot pedal with adjustable power button to light the globe brightly or softly.

When lit, the globe reveals a physical map showing minute details such as mountain ranges, ice caps, vegetation expanses, and arid lands. When the light is turned off, the globe portrays a political map of the world labeled with 6,500 place names, including continents, countries, and cities.

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