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Monday, January 12, 2009

Che Guevara with Lasagna on his Whiskers

I don’t know why I enjoyed this video so much but it’s kind of charming how this cat continually sabotages its owner’s efforts to build a tower of bottle caps. This is why we need to stay strong in our attempts to enslave cats. Granted, the cat I’ve enslaved in my home doesn’t do many traditional slave things. She’s never really cleaned anything or lifted a heavy thing or made me delicious pancakes and syrup with her likeness on the box.

In fact, I’ve often got to feed her and scratch her behind the ears and go “Wuzza wuzza widdle kitty pants”…hmm. This situation may not be as ideal as I’d previously thought. I blame Garfield for all this. He’s a lazy cat revolutionary, like a furry Che Guevara with lasagna on his whiskers. Much like the real Che Guevara, I’d presume.

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