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Monday, January 26, 2009

Chrysler Buys Ads Thanking You For Tax Money

Here's a sad little saga. After convincing our government that it was responsible enough and commercially viable enough to deserve a multi-billion-dollar bailout, Chrysler spent some of the money taking out full page ads in The Wall Street Journal and USAToday, thanking America for its money. They also posted these ads proudly on their blog. The reaction from actual Americans was, um, harsh.

Here's a sampling of the sentiments people were expressing before Chrysler pulled the page:

What a total waste of money. That useless ad money could have been put into research and development to make better quality and fuel efficient vehicles. This has got to be the most expensive thank you card ever written, providing better products would be just as sufficient.

Way to blow hundreds of thousands of dollars on a useless ad campaign that will surely only worsen your public image. We weren't buying your cars before because they are all gas guzzling, unreliable, uninteresting cars that look like they were styled by the coleman plastic cooler division, inside and out. So then you steal our money through the government so you can waste more of it on useless ads, and you have the audacity to remind us all about it. Go to hell Chrysler. I was not going to buy one of your vehicles before, and I certainly am never going to do so after this.

I signed up just to add comments in response to your ad of properly slapping the American public in the face with insensitivity and pride. Money that was "taken" from the American people wasted on advertising thanking the people the money was taken from is audacious. I don't know whether to loathe you for your insensitivity in the matter or praise you for your boldness. Clearly the move this advertising campaign was dreamed up and approved by individuals who has no contact with the average American. The problem with your company and that of many American companies is the ridiculous financial separation of upper management from that of the average middle income American. Your outrageous income and ability to choose to isolate yourselves mentally, financially, and emotionally from the consumer you serve has lead to the financial ruin of your company. However, I'm sure this is of no concern to you or your upper management team because even if your company fail, you will have your golden parachute stitched with the money taken from the pockets of people who are loosing their homes, their jobs, and their ability to provide for their family (some of these people work for your company).

We were forced to help you. Thank us by acting responsible for a change. This ad is the equivalent to salt poured on an open wound. If you had any common sense, you would be ashamed.

Depending on placement, full page ads placed in the Wall Street journal can cost over $200,000, not to mention the other publications where this ad was placed. So, at least a quarter of a million dollars of our money was spent on an ad thanking us for our contribution. A contribution that the majority did not want to make. This ad screams "Hey, look what we are doing with your tax dollars, lol." This ad is yet another example of frivolous and clueless spending. Thank us by using OUR money to make your company profitable, not with a meaningless ad. As the old saying goes,"Actions speak louder than words."

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