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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tesla:World’s first “personal” supercomputer

Its about time we get supercomputers for ourselves, right? All those with deep pockets who dream of really owning a supercomputer,your prayers have been answered.

Tesla Architecture

* Massively-parallel many-core architecture
* 240 scalar processor cores per GPU
* Integer, single-precision and double-precision floating point operations
* Hardware Thread Execution Manager enables thousands of concurrent threads per GPU
* Parallel shared memory enables processor cores to collaborate on shared information at local cache performance
* Ultra-fast GPU memory access with 102 GB/s peak bandwidth per GPU
* IEEE 754 single-precision and double-precision floating point
* Each Tesla C1060 GPU delivers 933 GFlops Single Precision and 78 GFlops Double Precision performance

Software Development Tools

* C language compiler, debugger, profiler, and emulation mode for debugging
* Standard numerical libraries for FFT (Fast Fourier Transform), BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines), and CuDPP (CUDA Data Parallel Primitives)

Product Details

* 3 or 4 Tesla C1060 Computing Processors with 4GB of dedicated memory per GPU
* 2.33 GHz+ Quad-core AMD Phenom or Opteron, — OR — Quad-core Intel Core 2 or Xeon
* Minimum system memory: 12 GB for 3 Tesla C1060s and 16 GB for 4 Tesla C1060s (at least 4GB per Tesla C1060)
* 12GB+ system memory (at least 4GB per Tesla C1060)
* 1200-1350 Watt Power supply
* Acoustics

Thanks MoPo forum member LukeF

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