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Monday, February 23, 2009

Duramax 14 Gallon No Spill Portable Gas Pump

This is the 14-gallon gas pump with a patented siphon handle that instantly stops and starts the flow of gas, allowing you to fill a 10-gallon gas tank in five minutes while eliminating spillage and overfilling. A squeeze of the handle initiates hydrostatic pressure that dispenses gas without any pumping.

Two sturdy 6" wheels and the integrated handle ensure ease of transport to a dock or shed, while the 10' hose allows you to refuel hard-to-reach gas tanks without lifting the entire container. Unlike traditional gas cans, the unit has two shut-off valves--one on the hose and one on the container--that seal internal pressure and restrict gas vapors.

Made from durable, high density polyethylene, the gas pump will neither rust nor dent and it can be set up horizontally or vertically when refueling.

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