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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Remote Controlled Remote Control From Sony

From Sony: The new remote control—along with the additional remote it is designed to control—will soon come standard with all Sony televisions, allowing viewers to remain “more immobile, more stationary, and more physically inert than ever before.”

The new device, which can be controlled via remote control through the use of a second remote control unit, will replace older models that needed to be held in the hand to be operable.

“Constantly leaning forward to pick up the remote control from the coffee table is a tiresome, cumbersome chore that will soon be a thing of the past,” Sony director of product development Dan Ninomiya said. “These new remotes, should they be left on the coffee table or in some other barely-hard-to-reach place, will not need to be picked up and actually pointed at the screen in order to work.”

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