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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back to the Future Die-Cast DeLorean

Have you been hunting for old DeLorean's on eBay and telling everyone to call you McFly? Well then we have a tasty little nugget to satiate the 80's lovin' Back to the Future fanboy in you. This 1:18 scale Back to the Future Die-Cast DeLorean is like a sci-fi obsessed geek's wet dream. Nope, it doesn't travel through time... but it does feature a real brushed metal body and intricate details from the movie.

Look inside by raising one of the gullwing doors and you'll see all the time-travel controls from the movie including a tiny flux capacitor. There's even a Mr. Fusion on the back to avoid the hassle of stealing plutonium from terrorists. A lever on the bottom makes the wheels fold up for when you run out of road trying to hit 88.

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