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Monday, March 23, 2009

Hollow Spy Coins Quarter & Half Dollar

These days spy tools have all gone high tech... don't get us wrong, it's pretty cool to packet sniff someone's network to ferret out secrets, but it just doesn't have the same spy flavor as using a tiny camera to take covert photos for later conversion to microfilm. That's why we love these retro style Hollow Spy Coins.

Each coin is precision hand milled to create a secret compartment inside. Once closed, it's virtually impossible to distinguish these spy coins from a regular coin. Store your secrets then pass it off to your undercover contact as pocket change... no one will be the wiser. The half dollar is even capable of storing a micro SD card. Just think, gigs of data in a coin... 007 would be so jealous.

Product Features

Actual coins are precision hand milled to create a secret compartment inside
Half dollar has enough room for a micro SD card (not included)
Store secret microfilm or tiny notes
Included "unlocking ring" allows coins to be opened
Indistinguishable from regular coins when closed

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