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Friday, March 13, 2009

Peephole Camera and DVR | Secure Sight

You suspect that the delivery-driver throws your packages at your door from the street, but you're not sure. You think that the neighbor lets his dog do his business on your front lawn, but you can't prove it. You have a sinking feeling that some neighborhood tough is casing out your house for some mid-day burglary, but you've got no evidence. The problem with guarding your house is, you can't be there all day.

Sure, you could wire up a few claymore mines to tripwires across your sidewalk, but the homeowners' association would probably complain (shortsighted bastards). Short of deadly boobytraps on your property, what can you do? Well, step one is to have a good lock on your door, and make sure you lock it! Step two is to pick up this handy gadget.

Mount this camera and LCD panel to your front-door's peephole, and record all the goings on in front of your home while you're away. Take note of the exact time when the UPS guy drops stuff off, or collect evidence that something unsavory is happening on your doorstop. Pop in your own SD card, and you will never miss a thing.

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