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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

RFID Experimentation Kit Reader Write +TAGS

Depending on who you ask, RFID technology is either the "Mark of the Beast", or a global panacea destined to rescue the grocery stores and Walmarts of the world from shoplifting. But any good geek knows that RFID is nothing more than tiny microchips powered by RF induction that store and broadcast a small bit of data.

Want to learn more? Rather than rip apart your passport you can pick up this nifty RFID Experimentation Kit with over a dozen types of RFID tags, a USB based RFID reader and instructions for tons of insidious RFID projects. You even get a cool bio-implantable type of RFID Tag which you should never ever load into a blowgun and implant in any of your coworkers because it's not surgically sterilized.

Product Features

Experiment with RFID in the Privacy of Your Own Home
USB Based RFID Reader and Included Tags
Downloadable software allows you to read the ID of tags and use this data in various ways
Included RFID Toys book details various RFID based projects:
RFID Door Lock
RFID Login to Windows XP
RFID Enabled Safe
RFID Employee Time Clock
RFID Enabled Smart Shelf

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