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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Swedish FireSteel

Originally developed for the Swedish Department of Defense, Swedish FireSteel is a flash of genius. Its nearly 3,000°C spark makes fire building easy in any weather, at any altitude. Used by a number of armies around the world, Swedish FireSteel's dependability has already made it a favorite of survival experts, hunters, fishermen and campers.

It has also found its way into cabins and backyards as a fool-proof way to light stoves and gas-barbecues. Amazingly enough it also works equally well when wet. We think geeks will appreciate the power of being able to start a fire with such a simple tool.

A metal blade is slowly moved across the Firesteel, generating sparks that can easily be thrown onto a small pile of dry grass, leaves or paper to start a fire. When the fire is becoming established, thin sticks of wood can be added, gradually increasing to thicker ones.

The Swedish FireSteel has these great features.

Lights campfires, stoves, gas-barbecues
Uses a magnesium alloy that consists of 7 metals
Lasts for approximately 12,000 strikes
Produces a spark temperature close to 3,000°C (5,500°F)
Bright spark – can be used as emergency signal
Functions in rain and snow

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