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Monday, May 04, 2009

Electric Cars Will Kill The Planet

Think switching to electric cars will make you more smug…errr, I mean "environmentally friendly?" You’d better think again. Electric cars will be the death of us all!

The carbon dioxide emission reductions from these 1 million electrical vehicles in Germany's transportation sector would be only 1 percent, according to the study, and overall national carbon dioxide emissions would only be cut by 0.1 percent. "That is not a very big deal," Raddatz said, adding that "it is not going to help us out of the transportation emission mess."

On a serious note, is there any reason we couldn’t make an electric car with dual / switching battery packs? You’d have one that operates the car while the other is being charged by the spinning of the wheels. That way, you could charge the car once and forget about it. I’d pay more for a self charging car, wouldn’t you?

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