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Monday, September 14, 2009

Cruise in Space for $35M in 2013

Virgin Galactic can keep their brief space flight for $200K. Excalibur Almaz plans on offering a week-long space cruise for the tidy sum of $35 million bucks. The company is using ex-Soviet space spyships as the vehicle of choice. I’m guessing that low-orbit is considered international waters so bring on the baccarat baby!

Apart from its fleet of old RRV capsules, now being upgraded with modern life-support and electronics, Excalibur has also acquired some surplus Almaz orbiter spacecraft, the 1970s manned space vessels whose crews were to travel up and down on the RRVs. These secret military spaceships were intended to spy on the Soviet Union's cold-war enemies from on high, under the pretence that they were civilian "Salyut" research stations.

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