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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jedi Mind Control Game - Telekinetic Power

This is the Star Wars Jedi game that requires you to bring to bear all of your latent telekinetic powers of the Force in order to keep a ball levitating. Similar to EEG technology that reads the alpha and beta waves created by your brain, the game comes with a headset equipped with forehead and ear sensors that translate your brain's energy into a wireless signal that is sent to the game's base station.

The station has a tube with a ball inside (resembling the Jedi training remote Luke Skywalker used on the Millennium Falcon) that is kept levitating by a flow of air; your steady concentration adjusts the air fan's speed, causing the ball to rise and fall. One of the most famous Star Wars Jedi characters--Yoda--provides verbal encouragement during your training: "develop your powers of concentration, you will." You can progress from Padawan to Jedi Master through 15 levels of training.

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