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Monthly Archive:: April 2010

Funniest Small-Town Names

Travel the highways and byways of the U.S. and you just might stumble across a few intersting names such as Boring, Accident and Last Chance.

Truth or Consequences, N.M.
Boring, Ore.
Cool, Calif.
Uncertain, Texas
Carefree, Ariz.
Last Chance, Idaho
Accident, Md.
Normal, Ill.

How Microsoft Tracks Down Pirates

Some of you might find this article a little bit more interesting than the rest of us….depending on where you get your software.

Microsoft maintains a 75-person staff of antipiracy investigators, consisting of paralegals, forensic intelligence analysts, investigators, and other staff, many with backgrounds in law enforcement, according to Bonnie MacNaughton, a senior attorney in Microsoft’s antipiracy enforcement efforts and a federal prosecutor for 14 years before that. Senior business intelligence analysts are placed in all geographic regions.

The Commodore name licensed again for a line of keyboard PCs

We’ve always had a soft spot for Commodore computers. Compact, economical, and robust for their day, they were ubiquitous throughout the 1980s. Unfortunately, the machine’s glory days are long behind it, with little more than some gaming rigs and the tireless work of Ben Heck to keep the flag flying.

But all that could change if Barry Altman has his way. As President and CEO of the newly minted Commodore USA, he’s spent the better part of a year crawling through the arcane red tape necessary to get the rights to the Commodore name.