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The secret lives of house poor Canadians

Monthly Archive:: July 2010

50 Nintendo Spoilers in 2 Minutes

And here is the list of the Games Spoiled: Super Mario Brothers, Super Mario Brothers 2, Super Mario Brothers 3, Rampage, Contra, Rygar, The Legend of Zelda, The Legend of Zelda 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Metroid, P.O.W., Final Fantasy, Bad Dudes, Adventures in the Magic Kingdom, Back to the Future, Mega Man, Mega Man 2, Mega Man 3, Mega Man 4, Mega Man 5, Mega Man 6.

Little Nemo: The Dream Master, Paperboy, Adventures of Lolo, Bubble Bobble, Castlevania, Double Dragon, Double Dragon 2, Battletoads, Battlestoads & Double Dragon, Metal Gear, River City Ransom, Ninja Gaiden, Ninja Gaiden 2, Ninja Gaiden 3, Shadowgate, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, Ducktales, Bionic Commandos, Kid Icarus, Silver Surfer, A Boy and his Blob, Robocop, The Punisher, Kirby’s Adventure, Yo! Noid, Deja Vu, Wizards and Warriors, Wizards and Warriors 2, The Three Stooges.

Spam Filtering? Patented! 36 Companies Sued

These kinds of lawsuits are coming fast and furious again these days. Glyn Moody points us to the news that 36 companies have been sued for patent infringement in Marshall, Texas (of course) for supposedly violating a patent (6,018,761) on spam filtering.

The companies sued represent a who’s who of corporate America, including Apple, Google, HP, RIM, Citigroup, Capital One, Alcatel Lucent, AIG, AOL, JP Morgan Chase, McAfee, Symantec, Yahoo, IBM and many others.