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Monthly Archive:: October 2010

There Are 5,000 Janitors in the U.S. with PhDs

There are 18,000 parking lot attendants in the U.S. with college degrees. There are 5,000 janitors in the U.S. with PhDs. In all, some 17 million college-educated Americans have jobs that don’t require their level of education. Why?

The data comes from a the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and can be seen here in handy, depressing chart form:

At the Chronicle, where the below chart was posted, Richard Vedder argues that maybe we place too much importance on higher education, citing a new study by the National Bureau of Economic Research:


Hey, You With the Open Wi-Fi: You’re An Idiot

Hmmm, does this guy have a point or is he just making excuses for Google? I’ll let you decide.

Look people, it’s simple: If you don’t want other people to see your house or your building or whatever, put up a fence. Close the curtains or choose a place that isn’t visible to the public in the first place. Or how about just get used to it? Once again, the digital genie is out of the digital bottle and no amount of whining about that fact can change it even if it was a big deal in the first place … which it wasn’t.


Daylight Savings Time 2010

Don’t Forget to Adjust Your Clocks On Sunday, November 7, 2010, America leaves Daylight Saving Time and returns to Standard Time. At 2:00 am, clocks must be turned back one hour, marking the end of Daylight Saving Time.

The adjusting of clocks is not some random crazy law, but, instead an attempt to save energy by taking advantage of the sun and light during the 8 month period from March through October. The practice began back during World War I as an effort to save energy for the War effort.

Halloween Music: Need a Playlist?

I present this year’s Ultimate Halloween Playlist, fortified with all new Satanism for 2010. Now go fire up the iTunes, all you lil’ hellions. And have a Happy Halloween!

40. Blood on the Dance Floor, Michael Jackson
39. Weird Science, Oingo Boingo
38. Tubular Bells, Mike Oldfield
37. Shakin’ Shakin’ Shakes, Los Lobos
36. Dude (Looks Like a Lady), Aerosmith
35. House of Fun, Madness
34. Somebody’s Watching Me, Rockwell
33. Zombie Graveyard Party, Be Your Own Pet
32. Hard Candy, Counting Crows
31. Disturbia, Rihanna
30. Enter Sandman, Metallica
29. Highway to Hell, AC/DC
28. Devil Inside, INXS
27. Runnin’ With the Devil, Van Halen
26. Candyman, Christina Aguilera
25. The Headless Horseman, Bing Crosby
24. The Addams Family, Vic Mizzy
23. Zombie Zoo, Tom Petty
22. Trick or Treat, Otis Redding
21. Don’t Fear the Reaper, Blue Oyster Cult
20. Toccata and Fugue in D minor, J.S. Bach
19. Pet Sematary, the Ramones
18. Mr. Sandman, the Chordettes
17. (You’re the) Devil in Disguise, Elvis Presley
16. Witchcraft, Frank Sinatra
15. Grim Grinning Ghosts, from Disney’s Haunted Mansion
14. The Munsters Theme, Jack Marshall
13. Land of 1000 Dances, Wilson Pickett
12. Welcome to My Nightmare, Alice Cooper
11. I Want Candy, Bow Wow Wow
10. Time Warp, the cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show
9. Dead Man’s Party, Oingo Boingo
8. This Is Halloween, Danny Elfman
7. The Twilight Zone Theme, Marius Constant
6. Werewolves of London, Warren Zevon
5. Bela Lugosi’s Dead, Bauhaus
4. I Put a Spell on You, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins3. Halloween Theme: Main Title, John Carpenter
3. Halloween Theme: Main Title, John Carpenter
2. Monster Mash, Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt Kickers
1. Thriller, Michael Jackson