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Monthly Archive:: November 2010

Apple Foregoing USB 3.0 For Light Peak in Early 2011

CNET reports that Intel’s Light Peak, a high-speed connection standard capable of transferring data at 10 gigabits per second, will be arriving sooner than expected: sometime in the first half of 2011. And Apple’s poised to be an early adopter.

According to CNET’s industry source, Light Peak is “now on track to appear in products in the first half of 2011—and likely earlier in the year than later.” And if past reports are true, Apple could be among the first to incorporate it.

LIC – Video Recording Ski-Snowboard Goggles

These are the ski goggles that record a wearer’s perfectly carved turns, long jumps, or aerodynamic tucks using a built-in video camera. The camera’s image sensor captures high-definition 720p MPEG4 video footage or 5 MP still images with a wide 135º field of view. A foam guard protects the microphone, eliminating the sound of the wind. Simple lever-style buttons at the corner of the goggles allows use while wearing skiing gloves.

The goggles are compatible with helmets and have dual-pane, anti-fog 100% UV-protected lenses. A 4 GB microSD card stores up to 90 minutes of 720 x 480 resolution videos and thousands of 2560 x 1920 resolution still images; supports up to 32 GB microSD cards.

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Serious – The Weed Whacking Golf Driver

This is the golf driver with a built-in grass trimmer, ideal for surreptitiously improving one’s lie. Destined for use by friendly foursomes that often find themselves in the rough, the club looks like an oversized driver that fits into any golf bag, yet a simple flick of a button on its plastic bottom flips open the club’s bottom to reveal a single-string trimmer.

Requiring only the semblance of a square stance and proper grip for operation, two thumb buttons built into the handle activate the trimmer for a quick clearing of obstructive grass.

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How Kinect Got an Autistic Kid Gaming

GamingNexus editor John Yan has a four-year-old son with a mild form of autism. The little guy’s tried to play 360 and PS3 but has trouble getting a hold on the controllers. With Kinect, though, he was an instant pro.

In a heartwarming post entitled “I think Kinect is OK, but it’s the best $150 I spent on a console,” Yan recounts his son’s experience with Kinect. Basically, with just a little instruction, he was able to navigate menus and play games without any trouble.

CEO Salaries vs. Company Profits

America is still picking up the pieces of the worst financial disaster in decades, and the bulk of the damage struck in the financial market. In a time where you might think banks would be keeping their money internal to repair and rebuild their organizations, we have instead gaped in horror as some 0f these same executives receive multimillion dollar bonuses year after year.

In fact, a study performed by the Associated Press in 2008 found that $1.6 billion of total government bail out money (money provided to fledgling organizations intended to keep them from total collapse) went straight to various executives pockets.