Had You Bought Apple Shares Instead Of Apple Products

Since the first iPod, Apple’s been on a roll getting consumers hooked onto their products. The latest was the release of iPad 2 last Wednesday. No doubt this will be lapped up by Apple’s eager legions! A square foot of an Apple store generates $5,980 in annual revenue, that’s how profitable they are! Investors love Apple, consumers love Apple! Apple’s in a very envious position!

So I thought I’ll try out a different experiment. What if, instead of buying Apple products, one invested the equivalent price in Apple shares?

If you had bought Apple shares instead of the original iPod when it was released in October of 2001, you would be sitting on a return on investment of $16,073.78 on your original $399! That’s a return of 3928.52%.

In August of 2004, Apple released the gorgeous all-in-one iMac G5 for $1299. Instead, had you invested this amount on Apple shares, your shares would be worth $27,013.41 today! A return of 1979.56%!

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  1. xrey says:

    If you had bought Apple shares in 02/1997 for $4 a share, and bought 5,000 shares for $20,000. If you had left it there and not touched it until 02/2011 when shares are $360 per, with stock splits(3 times since inception), theoretically your shares would be valued at over $14 million dollars.

  2. xrey says:

    Oh, I didn’t even include dividends.

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