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Monthly Archive:: May 2011

Ford Smart Cars Will Monitor Blood Sugar

A smart car that monitors allergies and blood sugar? Why? How about blood alcohol levels? I am sure your insurance company would like that information too. Anyone think this is a good idea?

Wednesday, Ford announced that it is looking to add some rather interesting functionality to its Sync “infotainment” system. While other automakers are looking to make driving safer through improved dashboards and navigation, Ford is taking a more direct approach by monitoring allergen content and blood sugar, and providing health-based navigation assistance.

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Finally… Dinosaurs Versus Aliens!

Barry Sonnenfeld, finishing up his third Men in Black film, has come up with a new spin on the alien film genre. Sonnenfeld is at the center of a publishing/movie deal with Liquid Comics and producer Arnold Rifkin and his Cheyenne Enterprises.

Sonnenfeld will team with comic book writer Grant Morrison to develop a graphic novel and movie under the title: Dominion: Dinosaurs Versus Aliens. Morrison, whose comic book work includes Batman and The Invisibles, will write both the graphic novel and the script. Sonnenfeld will direct the film.

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