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Monthly Archive:: September 2011

Guy Spending 10 Days In Jail For Overdue Library Books

Meet Christopher Anspach. The Iowa man, 28, was sentenced Wednesday to 10 days in jail for failing to return books and other items he checked out earlier this year from the local library.

When Anspach, pictured in the mug shot at right, did not respond to repeated attempts to contact him via telephone and certified mail, Newton Public Library officials turned the matter over to police and the city attorney, according to District Court records.

Anspach pleaded guilty August 31 to a misdemeanor theft count in connection with his failure to return 27 separate items (books and other media) that library brass valued at $770.67. Along with being ordered to pay restitution to the library, Anspach was fined $625.

Anspach, a Pizza Hut employee, is currently serving his sentence at the Jasper County jail.

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Microsoft Gets $444M A Year From Android Licenses

Most companies would kill to be raking in over $440M a year. Microsoft makes that just off Android patent deals.

Microsoft is will generate $444 million in revenue from Android patent deals for fiscal year 2012 (started in July 1, 2011, ends June 30, 2012), according to a note from Goldman Sachs’s tech analyst team. Goldman estimates that Microsoft is getting $3-$6 per Android device sold.

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Nike Vapor Flash Jacket

The crew at Nike‘s Harajuku flagship have graced us with images of the Nike Vapor Flash Jacket, an athletically cut garment that’s simple in design but technically advanced. Available in men’s and women’s models (the men’s has a left chest pocket, the women’s a lower side pocket), the reversible running jacket is made from 100% polyester and features an all-over reflective laminate on the front side and reflective accents on the reverse. Additional details include adjustable hood, bonded seams and laser-cut perforations and zip vents for temperature control.

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Cat Scratch Turntable Is An Easy Way To Tell If You Have Too Much Disposable Income

With this Cat Scratch turntable, not only will your cat be fending off boredom and getting exercise, but they’ll also be learning valuable night club skills. It comes folded flat for easy and cheap shipping, which means you’ve got some assembly to do when it arrives. But if you’ve ever constructed a box before, you’ve already got the necessary skills and tools at your disposal. The deck actually spins and the tone arm is even positionable, allowing you to fill your Instagram account with hundreds of adorable photos before it gets turned to shredded cardboard.

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