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The secret lives of house poor Canadians

Monthly Archive:: November 2011

Financial Acumen Piggy Bank

This is the children’s bank that helps young savers learn the value of money. Divided into three separate chambers, the bank automatically tracks how close a child is to reaching up to three different financial goals. (Alternatively, each canister can be assigned to three different children.) The digital monitor displays deposits, automatically tallying coin amounts, while bill amounts can be added manually. Each canister stays locked in place unless its secret code is entered on the LCD touch screen.

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Vertical Chess Set That Mounts on The Wall

This is the chess set that mounts to a wall, allowing games of indefinite length. Generating a sense of intrigue and anticipation–“did they move yet?”–it allows for weeks-long play without interruption. An included “last move” marker hung around a recently promoted pawn-turned-Queen signals to an opponent that without an equally crafty counter, the game will end soon.

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How to Find Old Newspaper Articles Online

Old newspapers and magazines offer a wealth of insight into history and critical events as they were unfolding at that time. In the past, the only way to get hold of this treasure trove of information was your local library where the back issues of certain newspapers and magazines may have been preserved.

Fortunately, the Internet and digitization of content has made everything just a click away and now you can access previous issues of old newspapers almost as easily as today’s newspaper that’s lying on your coffee table.

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Windows Phone Marketplace Surpasses 40,000 Apps

For an upstart smartphone operating system, Microsoft is beginning to make a showing for itself. While still dwarfed by the App Store and the Android Market, Windows Marketplace has made great strides within the last few months and is predicted to take over the smartphone platform number two slot by 2015.

Apple’s App Store has more than 500,000 apps while the Google Android Market has more than 300,000 apps.

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Heterochromia in People: The Beauty of Multi-Colored Eyes

One of the many fascinating variations that exist among humans (and other animals) is heterochromia iridis, or heterochromia iridum – terms used to describe different colored eyes in the same person. Caused by an excess or lack of melanin, heterochromia can occur as a result of genetics, disease or injury. Yet, whatever its underlying cause, heterochromia is almost always eye-catching!

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