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AFG – Virtual Reality Treadmill

The included video player transmits first-person, high-definition video of trails, hills, and city streets in the majestic landscapes of northern Italy and the southwestern United States to a television. The treadmill automatically raises or lowers to simulate the incline of Venice’s cobblestone bridges as you stroll past gondolas docked on the Venetian Lagoon, the video automatically speeds up or slows down to match your pace, and the dual 5-watt speakers play the ambient sounds from the virtual destinations.

The treadmill has a durable 14-gauge steel frame and a large 20″ x 60″ running surface supported by a 1′ deck and patented cushioning that reduces impact on joints. Includes 15 workout programs, an integrated heart rate monitor and chest strap, an LED control panel, and an audio port for connecting an iPhone or iPod.

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