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Monthly Archive:: December 2011

Red Light Camera Company Posts Car Crash Montages On YouTube

“Each year more than 100,000 people are injured and hundreds are killed in red-light running related collisions,” reads the text at the beginning of one montage taken from various cameras in New Jersey. And after all the smashing, sliding, crashing and crunching is done, more text states, “Please, Stop on Red. The life you save may be your own.”

But while a rep for the company, American Traffic Solutions, tells that cameras like the ones it produces “change driver behavior and help save lives,” a rep for the National Motorists Association points out that the videos don’t exactly demonstrate this behavior change: “Oh, so they’re showing how their red light system doesn’t stop crashes?”

Regardless, we know why you’ve read this far. To get to the video. So without further blah blah, here are a bunch of people in New Jersey crashing into each other:

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Thirty Percent Of Americans Arrested By Age 23

There’s been a sharp increase in recent decades in the number of young Americans who report they’ve been arrested at least once, researchers report in Pediatrics, the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

While in the mid-1960s about 22 percent of Americans reported having been arrested by the time they turned 23, researchers estimate that the “prevalence rate” for arrests by that age now lies “between 30.2 percent and 41.4 percent.”

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