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Monthly Archive:: March 2012

FBI Turns Back On 2,750 Of The 3,000 GPS Devices It Turned Off

However, in an NPR report about just how unhappy the FBI is about all of this, it notes that the FBI actually scrambled to file for warrants on most of those 3,000 devices, such that only 250 were permanently shut off. And yet it’s still complaining about this whole “getting a warrant” thing. As Tim Lee notes, FBI director Robert Mueller is basically complaining to Congress that it’s just so hard:

In Congressional testimony last month, FBI Director Robert Meuller said the ruling “will inhibit our ability” to do GPS tracking “in a number of surveillances where it has been tremendously beneficial.” Mueller said that in cases where they didn’t have probable cause, the FBI is forced to deploy teams of six to eight people to track suspects the old-fashioned way.

“If you require probable cause for every technique, then you are making it very, very hard for law enforcement,” an FBI lawyer told NPR.

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