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The secret lives of house poor Canadians

Monthly Archive:: June 2012

‘No Recording’ FAIL O’ the Day

The good news: You catch some guy spray painting over a Picasso with your cell phone camera. The bad news: Security promptly come after you for recording in the museum as the vandal escapes.

The unknown vandal is seen in the video using a stencil to spray paint the word “conquista” (Spanish for “Conquer”) and a bull on the 1929 masterpiece before running away. The person recording the video then approaches the “Woman in Red Armchair” painting where he is confronted by a security guard who sternly warns him photography is not allowed inside the museum.

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Two-day Alien and Predator marathon of all 10 movies with 35 of our friends (36 if you include one pregnancy). Everyone rated whatever films they saw, 0 through 10, 10 being perfect, to come up with our rankings.

Day 1- Movies were seen on Blu-ray format in original theatrical versions for consistency. Day 2- We saw Prometheus on the big screen in Hollywood Arclight Cinerama Dome in 3D.

Time lapse camera took 2 frames every minute.