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Drunk roommates stab each other in iPhone vs Android fight

Think your iPhone vs Android debates with friends are fierce? Two Oklahoma roommates took a literal stab at making all of our smartphone arguments seem rather tame overnight.

Trolling each about the iPhone 6 and new Samsung Galaxy S6, the pair’s late night exchange escalated when they decided to break beer bottles and stab each other.

“Police believe alcohol played a big role in this fight,” said local television station KTUL in the most obvious statement ever.

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A hacker stole our $3,500 tax refund

All it takes to claim someone’s refund is their name and SSN. The IRS will then send a paper check to whatever address listed — even if it doesn’t match the one you have on file. Or the agency will direct-deposit the money to whatever bank account number you provide. And that includes nearly untraceable prepaid debit cards — the throwaway kind you buy at gas stations.

It’s an old game of fraud. But it’s more prevalent than ever, former federal prosecutors say. Hackers are increasingly breaking into hospitals, insurers and governments to steal huge databases with millions of SSNs.

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Inconvenient Truths About The Apple Watch

I was shocked at how small and slight the Apple Watch felt on my wrist. I’m a larger guy (6′ and built like a linebacker who retired and got a little fat) and when I tried the 42mm Apple Watch Sport on, I thought it was the 38mm. I thought it was tiny and there was some mistake. It is the smallest watch that’s ever been on my wrist.

This past Friday, the first day that the public was allowed to handle and play with the Apple Watch, everyone who had been obsessing over videos and photographs finally got the chance to use one firsthand. I made it to the Apple Store on Friday and was one of those people.

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Apple Watch sells out almost instantly

The Apple Watch sold out almost immediately earlier today, making good on a promise by the company’s head of retail that supply would not be sufficient at the start.

Ship times for the low-end Sport and mid-range Watch editions shifted to between four and six weeks within minutes of pre-order opening. Several hours later, all Sport models slipped straight to simply “June,” the wide window that the highest-priced wearable, the 18-karat Edition, also showed as a delivery date.

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How the Moon Got Its Name

The only other exception to this naming convention are the decidedly generic sounding names of the Earth and Moon. Since we’ve already explained how the Earth came to be known as such, that just leaves us with why our largest satellite doesn’t have a more colourful name like the moons of the other planets in our solar system.

As it turns out, the Moon did have other names, notable among them, and in keeping with the naming schema of other local celestial bodies, was one taken from the name of an ancient and powerful deity- Luna, the Roman Goddess of the Moon.

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Bolivia’s Road of Death – North Yungas Road

The treacherous North Yungas Road runs for less than 44 miles from Bolivia’s foremost city, La Paz, to Coroico in the Yungas. Still, for those drivers who dare to take it, this journey is probably more than long enough.

Construction on the road itself began in the 1930s, but even before that it had an alarming reputation. Indeed, during the 1800s thieves utilized the passage to waylay traders moving their commodities between La Paz and Coroico. The bandits would steal the traders’ wares and likely murder them as well.

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