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Clean Temp Files

Clean Out Temprorary Files

Clean Out Temporary Files

Temporary files have no business maintaining a permanent residence on your Hard Drive.

What are Temporary Files ?

Basically, they are copies of the files on your hard drive. Whenever you attempt to access a file, the OS ( Windows ) creates a copy of the file for you to view and edit. This maneuver serves to protect the original file from accidental deletion or other harm.

Where are the Temporary Files ?

The temporary copies reside in the main memory area most of the time, but they may get caught on the hard drive when the computer is improperly shut down.

These wayward temporary files can begin to consume a noticeable amount of storage space on the hard drive.

How to Manually Delete Temp Files

To avoid filling your HD space up with temp files, you should delete the temp files as they accumulate.

You can do this manually by opening the OS' Search utility ( accessible through the start menu ) and typing *.tmp as your file search criteria, When the search results appear on-screen, highlight all matches and delete them.

1) Click " Start Menu "

2) Click " Search "

3) Click " All Files and Folders "

4) Type in " *.tmp " as your search criteria

5) Click " Search "

Delete your temporary files

6) Click " Edit " ---> " Select All Files "

7) Press the Delete Key on your Keyboard

You have now deleted the temp files on your Hard Drive - Remember to keep your HD temp file free !

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