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VPN How to search a large document for a keyword

How to search for a keyword or term on a document?

So you have a large document and you want to find a specific word or term. Well there are two ways to bring up the keyword search utility in Internet Explorer.

1) Edit ->> Find (On This Page)

2) Hold the CTRL key and Tap F or better known as CTRL-F a keyboard short cut.

Once you choose your method of execution the following dialogue box will pop up.

In the "Find What" Box type in a single word for best results or an entire term. Press Enter and Voila you will find your entered Keyword or Term Highlighted in Blue on the page you selected to search.

If your desired Keyword or Term does not appear in highlighted text, ensure that you have the correct spelling. If after ensuring the correct spelling and still to no avail your desired keyword or term does not appear, it probably does not exist on the document.

Give it a Try!

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