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Conumer Buyer Guide What's a DV camcorder and should I buy one?

DV - Digital Video Camera Consumer Buying Guide

DV Camera :: Digital Video Camera

DV Camera Digital Video Camera Consumer Buying Guide Recording everything from first steps to first birthdays, school plays to graduations, once-in-a lifetime vacations and backyard BBQs with the friends; home movies capture and preserve your most precious memories. With so many types of camcorders available, it is important that you understand your options so you can make the right buying decision to suit your needs and your budget.

DV Camcorder What are the advantages to digital ?Is Digital Better?

It seems that everything is turning digital these days, and camcorders are no exception. When it comes to understanding the advantages of digital video, there are four main areas to examine:

Easy editing on a DV camera :: Download and edit on your computerEditing
DVD burning from your DV camcorderMedia & Storage
Quality of your DV video is excellent DVD qualityQuality
DV video camera's are small and integrate still shotsVersatility

Powerfull editing features when you record video using a DV cameraEditing:

Digital video allows you to edit the movies you take, using your home computer. (This means never again having to fast forward those 6 minutes of footage of the floor when you forgot to turn off the camera between shots). For the advanced home filmmaker, editing options allow you to include titling, special effects and even animation to your home movies, even dub music! Bring out your creative side. When you are finished burn the movies onto a CD or DVD and pop them into your DVD player to share your creations.

Media and storage is easy to find and inexpensive for a DV cameraMedia & Storage:

With the emergence of digital video cameras, storage of digital media became a necessity, and there are many different types available.

One of the most popular options is the MiniDV, which is a small tape designed to record the digital information. This form of media is easy to use, good quality, and inexpensive. Also, the small size of the tapes allows the camcorders to be smaller than ever.

MiniDVD cameras record the digital information directly on a small DVD disc, offering you the ultimate convenience of simply recording your movie and then placing the disc directly into your DVD player to view.

Another option is the Digital 8 camera which is unique because it uses a standard Hi8 analog tape to record the digital information. This is the perfect option for someone who wants to go digital, but still has Hi8 tapes and equipment.

Digital images can be downloaded onto CDs through your computer, or stored on the hard drive. Easily backed up, digital images take up less space and are easy to catalogue and find.

Camcorder consumer buying guideQuality:

The quality of digital video is measurably better than analogue video. Digital video records up to 500 lines of resolution, whereas analog video records only up to 400. This extra jump means better clarity, better detail and higher quality home movies.

Also, digital video reduces the amount of colour blurring because of reduced signal interference.

Sound is recorded digitally as well, recording up to 16-bit sound quality for superb performance.

With a variety of resolutions from which to choose, digital images can range from those suitable for everyday family memories to professional grade quality.

DV camcorder are easy to use :: Read the rest of our consumer buying guideVersatility:

Many digital camcorders offer you the option of taking still pictures with your video camera. Some cameras can even record your images onto a removable memory card for convenient processing. There is a wide range of resolution options for still pictures available. Digital camcorders are available in smaller, easy to carry sizes, allowing you to capture both moving and still images with a single camera.

What accessories do i need for my DV camera?What Type Of Accessories Do I Need?

When it comes to accessories, it can be fun finding out which ones are compatible, which ones are beneficial and which ones are right for you.

what lens filters are available for a DV Camera?Lens filters –

can protect your investment more than you realize. A scratch on the lens of your camcorder can be a costly repair, so protecting that lens with the appropriate lens filter can save you both money and aggravation in the long run.

What type of Camera bag should i purchase for a DV Camcorder?Camera Bags -

Most camcorders do not come with bags, leaving you to choose a bag that best suits your needs. Be sure to protect your investment with the right bag, which can safeguard your camera not only from impact damage, but from weather elements such as moisture and humidity as well.

How long do the batteries last on a DV camcorder?Batteries –

Most camcorders come with batteries, but it can be a hassle to wait for a battery to charge. Investing in a spare battery may prove critical to ensuring you are never stuck without power – especially when you are trying to capture one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments. It is recommended that you always keep a spare fully-charged battery with you so you’ll never miss the chance to record a single moment.

What cable do i need for a digital video camera?Cables –

Most digital camcorders do not come with all the cabling required to connect into your computer. If you plan to download your movies, you will need the appropriate cables. If you’d like to view a list of compatible cables, visit the ‘Smart Add-ons’ section of any digital camcorder.

Is there special software to edit digital video on a computer?Software –

Get the most out of your digital video camera with some video editing software. Add digital effects and effortlessly put together great, entertaining movies. Burn the movies onto a CD or DVD and you will be able to use your DVD player to share your creations with family and friends.

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