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20 + Hard Drive Tips

Maintaining Your Hard Drive Space

Leave 10% Free Space

Your hard drive performs best when it has some breathing room. For this reason, we recommend you maintain at least 10% of the drives total capacity as free space.

How do you know how much 10% is ?

If the drive the drive has a capacity of 100GB, for instance, you should not store more than 90GB of data on it.

1) Start Menu

2) Open My Computer

3) Right Click On C:\

4) Click Properties

How much harddrive space do you  have left

What is virtual Memory

Definition Virtual Memory :: This is system memory that is simulated by the hard drive. When all the RAM is being used (for example if there are many programs open at the same time) the computer will swap data to the hard drive and back to give the impression that there is slightly more memory.

The OS will use this free space for virtual memory ( an area of the hard drive that's reserved for data that doesn't fit inot main memory) and temporary files.

Ensure that your Hard Drive performance is maximized ny leaving at least 10% free.

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