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Computer Help Archive Harmony Remote TIRA & Girder

Can the Harmony Remote Control My PC

Controlling your computer with a remote

It's the new rage, everyone is doing it......

Why would you want to control your PC with a remote ?

How to remove spyware HTPC - Definition :: Home Theater Personal Computer
How to remove spyware Music Player
How to remove spyware Convenience
How to remove spyware Laziness

What you need to control any PC with a Remote

How to remove spyware Remote control - Any remote ? The one from your old VCR will do.
How to remove spyware Girder software ( IR Infrared learning software for your PC )
How to remove spyware TIRA ( Infrared receiver for your PC )

Can I control My Computer with Harmony Remote ?

Yes - You just have to program harmony for any device that you don't already own. Essentially this allows a different set of IR codes for Girder and your computer to learn.

Harmony Remote

TIRA & Girder IR Remote Software

How to remove spyware Girder Software

Girder remote IR software allows your computer to associate tasks with IR codes. The trick part is learning how to use girder, if used properly gider could possibly control and automate a small city.

How to remove spyware TIRA

TIRA is a IR transmitter and receiver for your computer.

Buy it Here

Where do you download girder?

You get it with your TIRA.

Controlling Windows Media player 10 with TIRA and Girder

Girder and programming any task can be difficult.

You can find varying pre-made " plugins " for popular programs to use with girder.

Girder Plugin Page

I currently use Girder, TIRA and the harmony Remote to control WMP 10 on my home PC. Below is the .GML or task list for girder ::

Windows Media Player 10 - Girder Task List

Teaching Girder from the Harmony Remote

Ensure that the harmony remote is at least 3ft away from TIRA when transmitting IR codes to girder. If you are closer than 3ft the result will be inaccurate IR codes, this will result in a non functioning application.

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