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Identity Theft

Identity Theft Steals Your Good Name, Your Money... Even Your Self-Respect.

Protect yourself. Don't give out your social insurance or driver's license numbers on the phone or Internet. Crooks use them to steal your money and commit crimes in your name. Check your credit report every year.

FRAUD- Recognize It. Report It. Stop It.

You Can Protect Yourself

Identity theft is the fastest-growing type of fraud. Crooks can do bad things with your good name. Protect your precious personal information. Ask all marketing, research or charity callers for:

Detailed, written information that you can check yourself

Time to think about the offer. Scam artists pressure you for an answer, saying the offer will expire or go to the next person if you don't act now.

Valid references and the means to contact them.

A call-back number. But beware - a crook can give you a number where a colleague is standing by to finish taking your money.

Shred unwanted personal documents such as transaction records, credit applications, insurance forms, cheques, financial statements and tax returns.

Identity Theft Statement Form is Available Online

The Consumer Measures Committee's website now offers a downloadable form for reporting identity theft. It makes reporting easier and ensure the police have all the information they need. Visit and follow the link to the CMC's report form. PhoneBusters The Canadian Anti-fraud Call Centre

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