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The secret lives of house poor Canadians


Some people just call it running….

Everyday there are things that I take for granted. Even running, I know that I can just do it, I don’t think a whole lot about it. Really, how complicated is running? Grab your running gear, lace up your shoes, start your garmin, and go!

It would appear that simple. But is it? Have you ever stopped to think about what’s really involved in the process of running? The complex systems of tendons, muscles and cells that power us, that work in complete harmony to propel us forward. The 1000’s of signals that are required to be proceesed every second to keep us upright and in motion.

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The makers of the Roomba just got government approval for a robot lawn mower

Although we don’t know all of the specifics, the mower, according to Reuters, would operate through stakes in the ground that wirelessly connect to a mower and map out where it should cut. That approach required a waiver from the Commission, which was granted despite objections from the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. The observatory argued the mower’s signal would interfere with telescopes, but the FCC sided with iRobot, saying its limitations would insure astronomers’ work wasn’t harmed.

But a mower still doesn’t sound like it will be available to consumers imminently. According to Reuters, iRobot says the waiver will let it “continue exploring the viability of wideband, alongside other technologies, as part of a long-term product exploration effort in the lawn mowing category.”


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This Hacker’s Tiny Device Unlocks Cars And Opens Garages

At the hacker conference DefCon in Las Vegas tomorrow, Kamkar plans to present the details of a gadget he’s developed called “RollJam.” The $32 radio device, smaller than a cell phone, is designed to defeat the “rolling codes” security used in not only most modern cars and trucks’ keyless entry systems, but also in their alarm systems and in modern garage door openers.


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