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Colorado man cited for ‘killing’ uncooperative computer with handgun

Police in Colorado have cited a 37-year-old man for carrying his computer into an alley then shooting it eight times with a handgun after what authorities said had been a long battle with the uncooperative machine.

“He took the computer into the back alley and fired eight shots into the computer with a handgun, effectively disabling it,” it added.

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What if a homeless man offered to give you money?

Going into this video, the end goal wasn’t quite sure. You can never be sure because you can never know how people will react. It’s a completely different video depending on if people react positively or negatively. This video wasn’t one of those, “oh let’s see if people offer us money.” It was, “let’s see how people feel about themselves when someone who is classified as “lesser” than them on societies class ladder offers them money.”

The results were not expected and not wanted. It doesn’t matter how much you have in life if what you have in life takes away from you being humble. At the end of the day, even the most poor man can be the most rich depending on how much love he has in his heart. feel free to share.

Here’s What Gluten Really Does To Your Food

In a video called “The Science Of Good Cooking: A Closer Look at Gluten,” the folks at America’s Test Kitchen decided to investigate just how much of a difference gluten makes in baking, and what exactly that difference looks like.

Before conducting the experiment, video host Dan Souza of Cook’s Illustrated explains that gluten is a collection of proteins found in wheat flour. All wheat flour contains the two proteins glutenin and gliadin, and when water is added to flour, glutenin and gliadin bond together to form “an elastic network of proteins” called gluten.

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You can now download your Google Search history

If you’ve ever wanted to save and view your Google Search history filled with embarrassing searches or your favorite websites, now you can. The company has made everyone’s Search history available for download.

The feature began as a test last year, the unofficial Google operating system blog notes, but it’s rolling out more broadly and is now available to everyone. You’ve been able to view your search history before now, but now you can archive it in Google Drive and download it directly to your computer.

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